A guide to reopening your company post lockdown [COVID-19 in INDIA]

India entered into the 4th phase of nationwide lockdown today to combat against the coronavirus pandemic. Since the outbreak of this virus, governments have taken steps to fight the virus and flatten the curve. We have come across various steps in this but how we resume post lockdown is going to be a challenge itself!

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a set of new and improvised guidelines for corporates & workplaces resume post lockdown. While humankind is in the fight against the COVID-19, we have to progress in life as well as keeping ourselves safe.

With most of the corporates easing the norms and allowing their employees to work from home, the government has now issued an advisory for Corporates & Workplaces enabling them to work from the office with up to 50% capacities.

The government imposed nationwide lockdown, which has already been extended thrice. However, some curbs have been eased with different permissions given to resume industrial operations.

As an employer, it is a huge responsibility to ensure that the staff feels safe to come to the office and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to check for the spread of the virus.

We have put together a list of precautionary measures that can be taken both inside the office, as well as in the common outdoor areas.

Inside the office

  • Social distancing norms must be stringently followed, with, a gap of one hour between the two shifts.

  • All offices must sanitize the workplaces during that time. Sanitizers must be provided in all offices functioning during this period.

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  • All workplaces must ensure adequate arrangements for temperature screening.

  • All the manufacturing establishments should look into not overlapping between two shifts and must ensure employees practice social distancing during lunch hours.

  • Holding a meeting of a large group of people must be strictly prohibited. Even while working or at the workstations, employees must sit at least 6 feet away from each other.

  • Employers should encourage their employees to use the Government Aarogya Setu App which is a mobile-based application to track the COVID-19 outbreak in India. It should be made mandatory if required!

Outside Office

  • Employees must avoid using Public Transport during this period.

  • Even the office shuttle system should be allowed to work but only up to 30-40% passenger capacity.

  • Thermal screening must be made mandatory at the gate of the workplace and anyone seen refusing it must be held in question.

  • Office premises and any vehicle or machinery entering the office perimeter must be disinfected.

Image Courtesy: indianexpress.com

The Modi government has already announced a special economic package under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan over the COVID-19 issue allotting an amount of Rs 20 lakh crore which is the 10% of India’s GDP which will help in providing employment to more people. We hope this would come out as a relief to a few companies, self-employed people, and small-scale businesses that are swaying away from lack of business and hence the cashflow. We can only hope that the world is virus-free soon and do our bit by taking necessary precautions and practicing social distancing.

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