A Quick Guide on Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Updated: Feb 1

Refurbished medical equipment features in high demand among contemporary physicians and hospital owners. Nearly 1/3rd to 1/4th of the medical installations use refurbished equipment.

This is mainly because refurbished medical devices are affordable and environment-friendly without incurring a heavy burden on the budget. However, you must not purchase such equipment blindly as many fake vendors may beguile you and sell malfunctioning instruments.

Here is a quick guide on buying refurbished medical equipment in India. It elucidates the important parameters which a hospital owner or a physician must consider prior to opting for refurbished medical instruments.

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Understand the Difference between New and Refurbished Medical Equipment

First and foremost, it is paramount to distinguish between new medical devices and their refurbished counterparts before placing an order. This facilitates a clear picture of your procurement needs and helps you accomplish them better.

For this, familiarize yourself with the benefits and shortcomings between the two types and opt for the category suitable for your medical set up. In short, thorough observation and realization of the dichotomy between the two will engender you to buy decent medical equipment for your hospital.

Conduct a Proper Research

Before approaching a refurbished medical equipment manufacturer, it is important to conduct profound research. It comprises both an online or offline familiarization of your exact requirements.

Thus, search for potential units in this industry online and compare and contrast them. Talk to people around you who have a decent knowledge of refurbished medical instruments. In a crux, only after a complete R&D, you must approach a suitable manufacturer for your needs.

Purchase Directly from the Manufacturer

Despite the fact that you are spending 35%-40% less on the refurbished alternatives, it is imperative to procure your medical equipment from trusted manufacturers. In other words, do not get involved with third-party sellers and approach the manufacturer directly to fulfill your needs. Also, select established manufacturers with more positive customer reviews and constructive feedback.

Additionally, manufacturing units have advantages over the third party sells such as:

  • Direct access to all reassembled parts of the refurbished medical instrument

  • Testing procedures to ensure an intensive quality check

  • Original manufacturing and least chances of duplicity

  • Equipment with genuine and original specifications

Procure Necessary Documentation

Next, it is essential to complete all documental procedures after placing an order and looking forward to its timely delivery. Proper documentation entails authentic information pertaining to the following regulations:

  • Quality credentials examination

  • Genuine industry certifications

  • Reference accounts updates

  • Insurance details

  • Proper billing and other financial requirements

  • Safety inspections and updates

Get Updates for the Latest Software and Toolkits

Post-purchase and quality examination, opt for updated software and necessary tools for equipment upgrades. Ask your manufacturer to furnish you with equipment manuals and the process of its standard usage.

Talk to the manufacturing unit for essential calibrations for the proper operation of the refurbished products. All these updates support the rightful functioning of the refurbished medical equipment.

Ensure the Warranty

Make sure that the manufacturer facilitates your purchase with an adequate warranty. Collect the warranty cards for the equipment and check their dates of expiry and inclusive services.

Besides, scrutinize the depth of the available warranty and how long will the manufacturing company respond to your doubts and queries.

Integrate your Purchase with service Coverage

Ask your manufacturer to include a service coverage page for all your procurements. This comprises a duration of repairs, periodic inspections (if within the warranty period), cost of equipment scrutiny after the warranty period is over, etc.

An expansive coverage page de-burdens you of the essential repair tracks and furnishes readymade solutions for your needs. In fact, you can also ask the manufacturer to time your purchase and make you remind of the periodic services via phone calls or emails.

Ensure the Quality and Training Credentials of the Manufacturer’s Service

To engender a double assurance, inquire from the manufacturer about the service training of their working staff, especially those who will visit for periodic services. This is a significant parameter while choosing a particular manufacturer over others.

Moreover, ask the manufacturer to send well-trained and seasoned technicians for the services and make sure to examine their standard training certificates and working protocols.


Last but not least; set a budget for purchasing refurbished medical equipment. This constitutes the main cost followed by all government taxes on each product. For this, compare prices between different sellers and choose the most suitable one for your refurbished medical equipment needs.

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Altogether, refurbished medical equipment has a flourishing market in India. To be an active part of this industry and make medical services readily available to the lower-income groups of India, opt for refurbished medical instruments at affordable prices.

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