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Updated: Mar 2

The use of ECG (or electrocardiography) machines stand pertinent to hospitals and medical installations. This technologically equipped and portable instrument assists to record the rate of heartbeat.

Via this machine, physicians read the electronic waves generating from the heart and their impact on the human body. It helps in the screening and diagnosis of various diseases and helps doctors in recognizing their eventual cure.

This article elucidates the different ECG machines available in the Indian markets. It lists down the significant aspects of these machines which can benefit medical practitioners.

Let us dive in and acquaint ourselves with multiple portable ECG devices available in India.

RMS Vesta 12EC Resting ECG

A 12 channel ECG machine with ISO certification 9001:2005, EN ISO 13485: 2016.

  • Enabled with a high-resolution TFT screen of 8 inches.

  • A portable, compact, and light-weight ECG device are suitable for clinics, hospitals, and outdoor medical camps.

  • Integrated with digital filters that eliminate the baseline shift.

  • Featured with an isolation protection cover to prevent defibrillation.

  • Has a smooth alphanumeric on-screen panel for data input.

Trivitron 12 Channel ECG Recorder Ibeat: 12v Grand

  • Provides a simultaneous 12 leads ECG printing with 210mm thermal paper.

  • Enabled with an alphanumeric keyboard for easy data input and navigation.

  • Featured with an auto-interpretation program for recorded ECG waves.

  • Contains an in-built thermal matrix printer for clear and precise printouts.

  • Supported with dedicated USB slots for external device connections.

  • Can also be connected to PCG software, if needed.

  • Works on both manual and automatic ports as per the physician’s selection.

  • Supports PCL6 language to generate ECG reports.

BPL Cardioline ECG 200+ 12- Channel ECG

A 12 channel ECG machine.

  • Enabled with a 7 inches color display for a clear view and navigation.

  • Comprises numerous protocols and connectivity options.

  • Equipped with the Glasgow ECG algorithm.

  • Featured with proper USB and LAN connectivity for data transfer and operation.

  • Integrated with an alphanumeric keypad for data entry.

  • Available on different formats such as ECG: SCP, HL-7, Worklist function, etc.

Trivitron 3 Channel ECG Recorder Model I beat 3v Pro

iBeat 3V Pro offers Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition and display and Simultaneous 3 leads ECG printing with 80mm thermal paper. With an Alphanumeric keyboard, patient data is easily entered. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, print over 360 ECG reports and ECG auto-interpretation program helps the clinician to interpret precise results.

  • Recording Format- Auto Mode- 12CH x 1, 6CH x 2+1R, 6CHx2, 3Chx 4+3R, 3CH x 4 +1R, 3CH x 4 and in Manual Mode - 12CH, 6 CH, 1CH+1R, 1 CH and Any Lead can be selected as Rhythm Lead

  • It has a built-in thermal Matrix printer, USB SLAVE port can be connected to PC-ECG software (optional), USB MASTER port can be connected to an external USB printer supporting PCL6 language to print 12 leads ECG reports on A4 paper (optional), and network transmission (optional)

RMS Vesta 301i 3 Channel ECG

The Vesta 301i 3 Channel ECG Recorder is a 3 channel ECG Machine.

  • The Vesta 301i 3 Channel ECG Recorder has 12 lead simultaneous acquisition

  • It has a Graphical Colored TFT up to 3.5 inches for Real-time ECG monitoring.

  • It has a Fully alphanumeric keypad

  • The recorder is provided with Multiple Printing options and a paper out Indication

  • The recorder has isolation protection against defibrillation

  • It can store up to 50 patients' memories, has a USB storage (optional), a Direct A4 ECG Printing (optional), and a PC connectivity (optional)

Other ECG Machines

In addition to the aforementioned ECG units, here are some more ECG machine options which you may procure.

  • Allengers ECG Machine 12 Channel

  • BTL-08 LT Plus

  • BPL Cardiart 8108 View 6-Channel ECG

  • BTL-08 MT Plus

  • GE Mac 2000/600

  • Edan SC 1200 Express ECG Machine

  • Edan S-3 ECG Machine- Wide Screen

  • Full Medical ECG-600 6 Channel Digital Electrocardiograph

  • RMS Vesta 12C Resting ECG

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Use of ECG Machines

Some of the significant uses of ECG machines are mentioned below:

  • Measures the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat.

  • Examines the size and position of the different chambers of the heart.

  • Identifies the damage in heart muscles or tissues.

  • Scrutinizes the implants within the heart cells and their proper functioning.

Post the discernment of these heart issues, a doctor furnishes appropriate diagnosis and treatment for his patients.

Altogether, the use of ECG machines is essential to any medical facility. Physicians must select their preferable ECG unit in order to record their heart waves and their effect on their overall health.

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