All you need to about Electroencephalography (EEG)

What is an EEG?

An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a special test that is used to record brain waves in order to diagnose seizures or epilepsy.

The electrical activity of the brain

The brain consists of billions of cells, half of which are neurons, half of which help and facilitate the activity of neurons. These neurons are densely interconnected via synapses, which act as gateways of inhibitory or excitatory activity.

Any synaptic activity generates a subtle electrical impulse referred to as a postsynaptic potential. Of course, the burst of a single neuron is difficult to reliably detect without direct contact with it. However, whenever thousands of neurons fire in sync, they generate an electrical field which is strong enough to spread through tissue, bone, and skull. Eventually, it can be measured on the head surface.

Needs of EEG Machine

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a technique with over a hundred years of history, and while it was originally used more strictly in the fields of psychology, medicine, and neuroscience, it is widely used today in gaming, human-computer-interaction, neuromarketing, simulations, and beyond.

Due to this increased use and demand for high-quality EEG devices, there are now numerous companies that are able to cater to the specific needs of EEG users. Each offers something unique for the consumer – whether it’s the number of channels, a stationary or portable device, the predefined metrics offered, or of course the price.

How is an EEG done?

The EEG test is done by applying various electrodes to the scalp. These electrodes are applied with glue and will remain on the scalp during your entire stay at the hospital. Once the electrodes are applied they will be plugged into a box and placed in a backpack. This backpack will need to remain with your child at all times.

How long does the EEG application take?

The EEG hookup can take approximately one hour, depending on the cooperation your child is. We may wrap them up in a blanket roll to keep them still and use distraction (movies, books, etc.).

Some children may find the process scary at first, but it is not painful. Child life specialists may use distraction or other activities to help your child be as comfortable as possible.

We cannot use any sedation as it may change the EEG recording results. The EEG wires may become loose or dislodged and need to be re-glued at times. This can occur during the day or night. It is important for the EEG tech to repair the wire(s) as soon as possible to make sure the recording is accurate.

How is the glue removed?

The electrodes will be removed with a special solution. Hair can then be washed with any shampoo/conditioner; we have "No More Tangles" to help comb through glue. It may take a few washes to come out. Please let your nurse know if there are any red or open areas on the scalp. Please remind your child to try not to itch, pull, or remove any of the wires.

Points to consider before buying an EEG Machine

  • Plug & play USB with Portable EEG (no need for External Supply).

  • Light Weight & Compact amplifier with High quality of Electrodes.

  • Integrated Impedance check for electrode connectivity.

  • Features like AEEG: Amplitude Integrated EEG, CSA/DSA frequency distribution, Brain Mapping, etc.

  • Synchronized high-resolution MPEG-4 video with EEG recording.

  • User editable Unlimited number of montages.

  • Facility to send EEG data through E-Mail and export in MATLAB/Lab view/Media Player Format.

  • Free Lifetime Online Support & S/W up gradation

  • Inbuilt EDF (European Data Format) converter.

  • Fully portable & easy to use in ICU/ Bedside.

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