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Updated: Mar 2

The Indian market is flooded with multiple devices exclusively designed for therapeutic heart care. This equipment help in recording the appropriate medical condition of your heart for a better ailment diagnosis and treatment.

This article discusses the different medical care equipment to maintain the health of your heart.

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ECG Machine

An ECG machine is an electro-mechanical device to record the electrical activity of your heart. The purpose of an ECG machine is to visually display the heart activity in the form of analyzable waves for subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the common features of an ECG are as follows:

  • Integrated with an alpha-numeric keyboard with a touch operation design.

  • An in-built rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Dedicated key functions for carrying out specific measurements.

  • Enabled with a drift line base, digital filters, EMG interface, and Ethernet.

  • Records waveforms for auto-diagnosis.

  • The internal storage memory of around 200 ECGs or even more.

  • Also available in the sleep mode format which makes it user-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Tested with the CHG database.

Handpicked ECG Brands in the Market

  • Edan SE-12 Express ECG Machine

  • Trivitron 3 Channel ECG Recorder Model I beat 3v Pro

  • Allengers ECG Machine 12 Channel

  • BPL Cardiart 8108 View 6-Channel ECG

  • RMS Vesta 12Cresting ECG

  • AMIGO EC12 ECG Machine

  • Full Medical ECG-1200 12 Channel Digital Electrocardiograph

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A holter is a piece of electronic equipment for the safe and convenient detection of your heart rhythms. A compact and light-weight device, it seamlessly affixes to your chest and tracks your heart measurements.

Some of the common features of a Holter device are mentioned below:

  • It works on the latest SDHC cards.

  • A 24-hour recording facility is available on this medical equipment.

  • The device is enabled with an LED for offers device status and data storage features.

  • A template editing provision is available on this device.

  • You can also integrate it with your desktop for PDF generation and email its record status.

Handpicked Holter Brands in the Market

  • Edan SE-2003 3-Channel Holter System

  • RMS Cordis 3 Holter Monitor System

  • GE Seer 1000

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Stress Test Systems

Stress testing systems feature as medical equipment which robustly takes care of the error handling part in any device.

These systems find an extensive utility in heart care instruments as they measure the heavy database which would have been impossible under normal conditions.

The pertinent features of stress test systems are as follows:

  • PC based cardiac workstations for patients in distress.

  • Integrated with AC motors having a high torque.

  • Featured with user-programmable treadmill protocols.

  • Detention of arrhythmias.

  • Can be upgraded from normal to automatic mode.

  • Smooth and seamless noise-free elevation.

  • Can mark significant medical events such as chest pain, angina, dyspnea, leg pain, etc.

  • Enabled with a stop alarm system in case of an emergency.

  • Cushions on both sides to facilitate patient comfort.

Handpicked Stress Test System Brands in the Market

  • AJ-STR 900 Treadmill Stress ECG Test System.

  • AJ-STR700 Bicycle Stress ECG Test System.

  • AJ-STR800 Bicycle Stress ECG Test System

  • RMS Vega 204 Cardiac Stress Test System.

  • RMS Vega 201 Cardiac Stress Test System.



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An interventional medical device marks a shift between the patient and the physician. It enables the doctor to measure and track the patient’s diagnosis in order to minimize their treatment stress pertaining to their physical anatomy.

An outline of the key interventional devices is as follows:

  • GE Needle Assist.

  • GE Optima IG S 330

  • GE Optima IG S 320

  • GE Valve Assist 2

  • GE Vessel Assist

  • GE PCI Assist

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Altogether, each of the aforementioned medical equipment is immensely beneficial for a super-specialty hospital facility. These products are a boon to the recently trending medical practice and aid the physicians in the testing, diagnosing, and treating heart patients.

If you are a doctor and wish to upgrade your systems or planning to open a new hospital, integrate your facility with these essential heart care equipment.

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