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Updated: Mar 2

A patient monitor comprises electro-mechanical components, processing systems, and sensors in the form of a muli-pixel display screen. Physicians and hospital staff use it for keeping updated records of patient’s histories, medication availability, and supplies, etc.

Hospitals and super-specialty facilities also employ the applications of advanced monitors for ECG readings, temperature measurements, respiratory, pulse and blood pressure readings, etc.

This article substantiates the importance of patient monitors in hospitals. It also outlines the various patient monitors available in the Indian markets.

Keep reading to know more about patient monitors, their brands, and applications.

Uses of Patient Monitors

Patient monitors find numerous applications in hospitals and medical facilities. Some of the pivotal uses of patient monitors are as follows:

  • Recording and distribution of biometric values on the display screen.

  • Advanced and multi-functioning devices for measuring temperature, SpO2 levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.

  • Compact, portable and power-efficient systems for healthcare and medical procedures.

  • Enabled with appropriate diagnostic installations for intense medical care.

  • Transmission of recorded data onto other electronic devices for better comprehension.

  • Innovative user interfaces for crisp and clear information display.

  • Touch-enabled keypads for convenient monitoring.

Types of Patient Monitors

Patient monitors can be of multiple kinds, having unique features and application dynamics. Here are some of the significant patient monitors suitable for your hospitals:

  • Vital Signs Monitor (for measuring body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, etc.)

  • ECG Monitor

  • Medical Monitor

  • EKG Monitor

  • Anesthesia Monitor

Patient Monitor Brands

Technologically advanced and well-equipped patient monitors are available in multiple brands. Each exclusive brand is integrated with innovative features for facilitating excellent medical monitoring services.

Some of the famous patient monitors' brands and their outstanding features are mentioned below:

BPL Clear Sign 8 Neo Patient Monitor

  • This patient monitor has an 8.4 inches TFT soft screen to enable smooth and easy flowing monitoring.

  • It supports 10 waveforms to measure fundamental vital parameters of medical science.

  • The system assists in examining body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rates of patients in distress.

  • Physicians can employ this device for evaluating oxygen saturation levels.

  • It is also an excellent system for diagnosing issues such as apnea and breathing disorders.

  • It also enables the caregiver or a local guardian to read the waveforms and report it to the doctor in case of the latter’s physical absence.

  • An auto-recoding option is also available on this device.

  • The device is equipped with an alarm bell in case of an emergency situation.

Trivitron Healthcare Patient Monitoring Model: iVita12 Prm

This Trivitron brand model is enabled with a 12 inches TFT screen for a crisp and clear display of medical records.

  • The system constitutes a nasal tube double model set to detect a patient’s respiratory rate and waveform dynamics.

  • It also comprises foldable handles and distinctive thoracic impedance.

  • It features a user-friendly interface with informative dialog boxes, pop-up menus, and rotary mouse integrations, etc.

  • The device contains a surcharged in-built battery system and WAN communications functions.

  • The WAN integrations assist in software updates and data transmission along multiple cable lines.

  • This model finds applications in emergency wards, CCU, ICU, PACU, etc.

  • It delivers 5 parameter monitoring records and a waveform of up to 6 complete waves.

Other Trivitron Brand Patient Monitors

Allengers Brio Patient Monitor

  • It is easy to use and highly accurate patient monitor for your hospital facility.

  • This device integrates well with the central monitoring station of your medical setup. It studies the vital signs of patients undergoing critical care.

  • It is enabled with a 12 inches user-friendly and interactive touchscreen display.

  • It is equipped with a sturdy alarm with 1000 snapshots to intimate the physician in case of an emergency situation.

  • The model has zoom features to read waveforms and other information with minute detail.

  • It furnishes 24 full form wave displays for a rigorous and a profound medical study.

  • The system has USB integration ports for the convenient transference of data files across multiple electronic devices.

  • The model features a free of cost and lifelong software upgrade.

  • Its design supports the examination of neonatal and adult pediatric patients.

  • It facilitates a triple view vision that is near view, far view, and ParaView.

  • You can combine it with optional ETCO2 mainstream, thermal printing device, CMS, and IBP.

Other Allengers Brand Patient Monitors

Other Brand Patient Monitors Available in India

Here are a few more branded patient monitors which you can procure from the Indian market:

  • GE Patient Monitor

  • Edan Patient Monitor

  • AJ Patient Monitor

  • Medinain Patient Monitor

  • AMIGO Patient Monitor

  • RMS Patient Monitor

  • Statis Patient Monitor

Read more about these brands at

Altogether, this was all about patient monitors in India. Select the most suitable brand model for your hospital and carry out your medical practice with ease and convenience.

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