All you need to know about the Thermocoagulator

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women. As per the annual reports of the World Health Organization (2018), nearly 5,70,000 women were diagnosed with this disease out of which around 3,11,000 women lost their lives.

The medical industry aims to save women suffering from this dangerous ailment and has developed equipment to monitor its spread. A thermocoagulator is a device used for this purpose.

This article discusses the definition, features, and uses of a thermocoagulator and its dynamic invention by the medicare industry. It also details the method of its treatment, availability, and price in the Indian markets.

What is Thermocoagulator?

A thermocoagulator denotes a battery-powered medical device in order to treat cervical cancer in women.. It cures precancerous lesions within 20 seconds and detects the presence of cancer cells in the woman's cervix.

The device is portable and light-weight for the smooth facilitation of thermocoagulation. As a welcoming and effective procedure to cure cervical cancer, thermocoagulation refers to the coagulation of cervical tissues through the passage of adequate heat.

This heat removes the growth of cancer cells near the cervix region and prevents the formation of harmful bacterial infections. A thermocoagulator is the right medical equipment to furnish thermocoagulation and cure cervical cancer in women.

Technique Behind a Thermocoagulator

An ideal thermoregulator works on a unipolar thermocoagulation technology. It generates high-frequency heat energy to kill cancer cells near a woman’s cervix. The medical device facilitates a localized and insulated treatment without affecting the other tissues within the proximity of the cervix.

Besides, an expert physician can perform the thermocoagulation surgery with this equipment without the use of anesthesia. The device is combined with a generator that controls its power system.

These controllers help in the regulation of pulse rates and also administers the energy management system. Finally, the device is suitable for all skin types and features as an outstanding and effective solution for treating cervical cancer.

Features of a Thermocoagulator

Some of the key features of a thermocoagulator are as follows:

  • Low-cost

  • Light-weight and compact

  • Portable

  • Battery integrated

  • Cervical ablation

  • An automated medical equipment

  • Wireless

  • No extra power needed while performing a surgery

  • Incorporates autoclavable ports

Side-Effects of a Thermocoagulator

Despite the fact that a thermocoagulator is a safe and sound medical equipment, it still involves certain risks while treating cervical cancer through thermocoagulation. Some of the pertinent side-effects of a thermocoagulator are:

  • Vaginal discharge

  • Bleeding

Thermocoagulator in India

ZEPNURheath Private Limited is an incredible solution for procuring medical and healthcare equipment at affordable and unbeatable prices in India. Browse through our web pages to accomplish your thermocoagulator requirements:

Curemedical Thermocoagulator

  • This medical device is fabricated as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Reusable medical equipment to treat cervical cancer in women

  • Can be used in both rural and urban hospitals and nursing centers.

  • A power-power device to destroy precancerous lesions before their development

  • Use an effective heating system to prevent the growth of cancer cells in a woman’s cervix

  • The required heating for an effective treatment accounts to about 100-degree census

  • Apply the probe tip of the device only when the tissue is ablated

  • A wireless device with autoclavable probes

  • It has autoclavable probes in 16mm flat, 19mm flat or 19mm pointed tip

  • These probes can exchange heat within the duration of 5-8 seconds

  • Integrated with a rechargeable lithium battery

  • No requirement of an external power supply during the thermocoagulation enabled surgery

  • Enabled with an automated procedure timing with visual and audible indicators

  • In other words, no separate timer, watch, or a clock is needed to time the duration of the thermocoagulation process.

Price of a Thermocoagulator in India

A thermocoagulator is priced somewhere around INR 2,20,000 (exclusive of the taxes) in the Indian market. Log in to for the best quote.

Altogether, a thermocoagulator is an effective boon to the medical and healthcare industry in Indian and abroad. Women suffering from cervical cancer can now be treated through this cost-effective, affordable, and successful technique.

The World Health Organization suggests the patients visit expert surgeons and physicians for this treatment. And hospitals and medical companies can place their order for a thermocoagulator by getting in touch with us on 1800-102-8348 or send us an email on

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The Thermocoagulator from Cure Medical is a device designed to treat early-stage cervical cancer by treating the pre-cancerous lesion tissue in humans. The design for the Thermocaogulator unit is according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines and recommendations for cervical cancer treatment. The unit uses the Thermocoagulation method that acts as an alternative to Cryotherapy in the direction and treatment of Cervical Cancer.

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