Best CPAP Machines in the Market

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Sleep disorders can hamper your everyday routine and make you impatient. Physicians around the globe have tried to put such obstacles to an end with the invention of the CPAP machine.

A CPAP machine is a painless and non-invasive medical instrument to overcome sleep apnea. The machine helps a patient to breathe properly during sleep. For this, its oxygenated mask clears away nasal congestion and reduces snoring.

This wonderful medical device also benefits people suffering from diabetes or health-related ailments. That is the reason why most medical experts suggest their patients to use a CPAP machine to curb their disrupted sleep.

This article discusses the different types, brands, and models of CPAP machines available in the Indian Market. You can select the most suitable one from the wide range displayed online.

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Which are the Best CPAP Machines in the Indian Market?

Here is a list of top-notch and premium quality CPAP machines available in India. You can opt for these medical instruments at affordable and unbeatable prices. Place your order now and treat the problem of sleep apnea today.

Phoenix Nasal CPAP Unit 300

  • Preferably suitable for infants, Phoenix Nasal CPAP Unit 300 furnishes an easy air pathway to weak children.

  • This device prevents air congestion and allows the patients to breathe conveniently during the night.

  • It maintains the functional residual capacity of air pressure.

  • Ergonomic design and easy operation

  • A versatile model which works both on bubble and flow operations

  • Enabled with a clear display screen for better assessing

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Compatible with different surface interfaces

  • Enabled with an alert system in the form of a shutdown alarm

  • Regulates the amount of air and oxygen delivered and extracted

  • Suitable for patients with mild to severe respiratory problems

BPL Harmony CPAP Machine

  • Effectively cures breathing problems due to obstructive sleep apnea

  • Aids the patients to sleep peacefully without breathing issues

  • Maintains a continual ejection of appropriate air pressure via its technical apparatus.

  • It constitutes both CPAP and APAP therapy modes

  • Comprises an integrated humidifier, a dedicated system for pre-heating, and auto ramp

  • Comes with an auto ramp adjuster as per the comfort of the patients

  • Includes a respiratory event detector

  • Operates on energy-saving mode

  • Enabled with a luminous display for correct readings

Resmed S9 Escape Auto CPAP

  • Integrated with an intelligent algorithm with a powerful EPR (Easy-Breathe Expiratory Pressure)

  • Provision to regulate the air pressure

  • Helps the patiently done off peacefully and comfortably at night

  • Integrates technical advancements such as an H5 humidifier, climate control system, to maintain the ideal temperature and pressure

  • Prevents condensation during the rainy season

  • Reduces the risks and side-effects involved with a dry mouth or sore throat

  • Recognizes the patterns of inhalation and exhalation in the patients and works according to that

  • A user-friendly device, with a crisp and clear LED display for accurate readings, customization and navigation

Pumani CPA Circuit (10 Pack)

  • Suitable for infants weighing 1-10 kg

  • The CPA circuit is available in six different sizes (000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

  • Safe and comfortable for children having difficulty in breathing

  • Integrated with nasal prongs, inspiratory and expiratory tubing

  • Other integrations include a hat, hat clips, fish elbows and a tube holder

Pumani Bubble CPAP

  • This is a bCPAC (Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system

  • Suitable for infants suffering from sleeping distress

  • It blends the flow of oxygen with the room air and temperature

  • Helps your child to sleep comfortably and peacefully

  • An effective instrument for furnishing therapeutic breathing

  • A user-friendly interface requiring a time period of 5 minutes for installation

  • Inexpensive and affordable

  • Low maintenance cost and operation

  • Durable, reliable and long-lasting

Fisher and Paykel Bubble CPAP

  • Blends the heated and humidified room air with oxygen

  • Generates a frequent distending pressure throughout the process of respiration

  • Incorporated with circuits, bubble CPAP generator and a pressure relief manifold

  • Safe and reliable usage and operation

  • Accurately delivers the CPAP readings and results

  • Comprises a pressure relief valve for the safety of the infants

  • Auto-levelling system to add water

  • Integrated with a detachable flow container

  • Supports the body temperature

  • Maintains and regulates optimal humidity

  • Includes different operation interfaces for excellent usage and application

Evox CPAP- C09

  • A non-invasive diagnosis for sleep apnea

  • Comes with an adjustable silicon mask as per convenience and suitability of the patients

  • The mask is both removable and washable

  • The patients can use the mask for an extended period of time

  • A belt integrates with the mask and velcro to provide a premium breathing experience

  • Enabled with LED display for a precise and clear CPAP reading

  • It operates on a frequency of 50-60 HZ and a sound level of 30dba

  • The ramp time of the machine is 0-60 minutes

  • The pressure of this CPAP device ranges between 4-20 cm of water

  • Featured with an auto-leak compensation

  • Comprises an adjustable and a replaceable water chamber

  • The device world at a suitable voltage of 100-240 V AC

Altogether, the patients suffering from sleep apnea can choose the most suitable CPAP machine to solve their sleep disruptions. Also, the physicians should suggest preferable CPAP devices to their patients during their course of the consultation.

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