Best ECG Machines in the Industry

What is an ECG?

The Electrocardiogram or the ECG, as it is commonly known, is a tool used to monitor the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. It is a routine process and serves as a diagnostic tool to test the electrical activity of the heartbeat. The test is simple to conduct but the interpretation requires expertise.

How does an ECG function?

The heart is an electrical pump and its electrical activity can be measured by placing electrodes over the patient’s skin. The ECG can measure the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat and also provides evidence of blood flow to the heart. A routine ECG has a standardized system for the placement of the electrode. A number of electrodes are required to produce the electrical views of the heart. Out of each electrode, one electrode is placed on each arm and on each leg and the others are placed across the chest wall. A standardized system has been developed for the electrode placement for a routine ECG. The signal from each electrode is recorded.

ZEPNURhealth has collaborated with several brands to provide a wide portfolio of ECG machines at affordable prices.

Vesta 301i 3 Channel ECG Recorder(Software)

This Vesta 301i RMS is a 3 channel ECG machine that comes with a graphical colored TFT of size up to 3.5 inches which can be used for real-time heart monitoring. This RMS 3 channel ECG comes with PC Connectivity and USB Port that can be requested upon need.


  • 12 lead simultaneous acquisition

  • Graphical Colored TFT up to 3.5 inches for Real-time ECG monitoring.

  • Measurements and Interpretation

  • Full alphanumeric keypad

  • Paper out Indication

  • Multiple Printing Options

  • Isolation protection against defibrillation

  • 50 patients memory storage

  • USB storage (optional)

  • Direct A4 ECG Printing (optional)

  • PC connectivity (optional)

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Vesta 12C Resting ECG System

The RMS Vesta 12C Resting ECG System is a 12-channel ECG Machine that comes with a high-resolution 10.1-inch color TFT touch screen monitor. It is a compact, lightweight and portable ECG machine with a handle that makes this RMS product easy to carry.


  • High-resolution 10.1-inch color TFT with touch screen

  • On-screen display of 12 channel ECG with interpretation

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable with carrying handle

  • In-built thermal printer with auto and manual mode

  • Digital filters to eliminate baseline drift, AC and EMG interface

  • Isolation protection against defibrillation

  • Virtual pop-up keyboard for data input

  • Supports USB keyboard, mouse and pen drive

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BPL Cardioline ECG 200+ 12-Channel ECG

The BPL Cardioline 200+ is a 12- channel ECG machine with a 7-inch LCD display. This product from BPL comes with an aesthetic design. It has an alphanumeric pad and is powered with a Glasgow Algorithm which interprets the data based on age, race, and gender. Cardioline 200+ is enabled with different communication protocols making lives simpler and easier.

Brand Qualities:

  • Quality Certification: ISO 13485:2016

  • Country of Origin: India


  • Provides 12- Channel ECG Recording on A4 Paper with simultaneous 12- Lead ECG Acquisition

  • Equipped with Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm - Gender, Age & Race-specific Advanced ECG Analysis & Interpretation

  • 7- inch Color LCD Display provides easy viewing of real-time patient ECG and patient details

  • USB and LAN connectivity options are available for easy data transfer of ECG to Computer/ Laptop

  • Alphanumeric Keypad is available on this ECG device, offering patient data entry and hospital information entry

  • Dedicated keys are available which provides the user with ease of operation

  • This ECG device is available with different communication protocols and different formats for data transfer of ECG: SCP, Worklist Function, HL-7 (Optional) and DICOM (Optional)

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BPL Cardiart 8108view 12-Channel ECG

The new BPL Cardiart 8108 is a 12-channel ECG that comes with a real-time display of 5.7 inches and recorder. The product offers great design with support external printer, a smart ECG Viewer software for managing data giving more accurate analysis and diagnosis.

Brand Qualities:

  • Quality Certification: ISO 13485:2016

  • Country of Origin: India


  • Six-channel ECG recorder with 12 lead simultaneous ECG acquisition

  • 5.7-inch Color LCD Display with One-Touch operation.

  • Easy measurement and Interpretation.

  • Alphanumeric Keyboard.

  • Compact, light-weight and portable machine.

  • High performance Li-ion rechargeable battery.

  • 500 ECGs can be stored in internal memory

  • External Archiving possible through USB, flash disk, SD card for virtually unlimited ECG data storage.

  • Optional: Data transmission to PC

Allengers Pisces ECG

This Allengers latest Pisces 12 Channel ECG machine comes with a 7-inch touch screen that offers the best interpretation for conduction, hypertrophy, ischemia, infraction and basic arrhythmia with on-screen preview.


  • 2000 Patient Recording capacity with Export Data option through USB in PDF format.

  • Export the ECG Raw Data & also make ECG PDF, which helps to send the data on mail.

  • Directly attach with External Printer for Printing.

  • Free Lifetime Online Support & S/W up-gradation for ECG software.

  • A4 size thermal Printer with Z fold paper.

  • Highly informative print out on thermal paper with all 12 leads and one selectable rhythm lead, which helps in the identification of any type of arrhythmia/ abnormalities.

  • Full interpretation.

  • Full Alphanumeric Keyboard with many short cut keys to open the various options.

  • Operating system based technology with Attractive look & design.

  • Compact and portable with carry handle

  • Various LED indications on Keypad - PAPER EMPTY, BATTERY STATUS and LEAD OFF & Mains charging.

  • 100 A4 size printouts on full battery & also Run on Main Supply when battery is low/Dead.

  • Other advanced features: - Multiple Printing formats, Display options & many other user-friendly options.

For more details on product specifications and portfolio, visit our website and get assistance from our experts on purchasing the best ECG for your healthcare facility.

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