Best ICU Ventilators in the Market

Updated: May 7, 2020

BPL Medical Technologies, Schiller, Trivitron Healthcare and GE Healthcare are all the primary suppliers of critical care ventilators in India. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few of the best ICU Ventilators in the Indian Healthcare industry.


The Schiller GRAPHNET TS is an adult and pediatric ICU Ventilator which is available with a custom option to add neonatal ventilation. The ventilator comes with the 12-inch touchscreen display for waveforms & loops simultaneously. The weight of the product is ideal for the user and can be easily carried around. This product has an integrated nebulizer with 72 hours trend display.

Some of the other special features of the product are listed below:

  • Tidal Volume correction according to BTPS leak compensation in all modes

  • Altitude and circuit compliance compensation

  • Advanced modes like APRV, MMV+ Pressure Support, PSV + assured Volume

  • Selectable Apnea back up ventilation (volume or pressure type)

  • Advance Lung Mechanism calculations

  • Suction % O2 for a suction sequence with variable FiO2

  • Non Invasive Ventilation available

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Schiller GRAPHNET NEO is a dedicated neonatal and infant ventilator. GRAPHNET NEO comes with a 12-inch touchscreen display and a proximal sensor for precise flow/volume monitoring and trigger response. The machine can capture advanced lung mechanism calculations and selectable apnea back up ventilation. GRAPHNET NEO is independent of circuit and humidifier compliance with automatic leakage compensation.

BPL Medical Technologies ELISA 600

ELISA 600 is a critical care ventilation unit from the leading brand BPL. ELISA 600 provides ultra-premium respiratory support for invasive/non-invasive applications with other add-on tools for innovative and intuitive ventilation.

Features of ELISA 600:

  • Trolley mounted Ultra-Premium class ventilator suitable for Adult and Paediatric applications with intelligent algorithms and evaluations resulting highest quality of ventilation.

  • Provides respiratory support for invasive and non-invasive conditions in all Intensive Care activities – 25 different ventilation modes available.

  • Instant View Technology that gives the operator an intuitive grasp of the patient’s situation by displaying crucial parameters instantly.

  • PEEPfinder® for optimizing the settings of a ventilator and supporting lung-protective ventilation.

  • Cuffscout® simple cuff management to reduce VAP risk.

  • Optimized ventilation with bespoke sedation.

  • Tools to assist the weaning process.

Trivitron Healthcare eVolution 3e Essential Ventilator

The eVolution® 3e Essential Ventilator system from Trivitron Healthcare works delivers striking results with ease of use, great performance, and reliability. It comes with advanced lung-protective strategies making eVolution 3e an ideal ventilator for ICU environments. The machine analyzes the patient waveform obtained to improve patient synchrony and reduce work of breathing hence improving patient outcomes and shortened ICU stays.


  • User-Friendly with 12.1" LCD Touch Screen

  • Dual valve technology for precise breath delivery

  • High-performance PSOL and active exhalation

  • Neonate through adult

  • High-performance internal gas source Technology (in Turbine Versions)

  • Comprehensive graphics and trending with event markers

  • Intra-hospital patient transport

  • Multiple Easy View Tabs

  • NIV on/Off in All modes

  • User Selectable Apnea back up Ventilation

  • Smart Nebulizer & Smart Sigh

User experience is highly important for any machine. These ventilators offer a simple user interface with various customizations making them easy to operate. Another important aspect for any ICU Ventilator is Patient safety. A ventilator is a life support system for a patient and must provide the highest degree of ventilation ensuring patient safety. Certain aspects like standby state, battery percentage, alarm system, and other monitoring parameters must be checked. An ideal ventilator should adapt to a patient’s unique needs and hence provide appropriate support throughout the breath.

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