Best OPG Machines in India

An OPG x-ray machine furnishes a well scanned and a panoramic view of the dental structures. The installation of this machine is a must in hospitals, private dental clinics, and institutes. Point to be noted, there are multiple OPG machines available in the market.

The oral surgeons need to select the best one for themselves as per their requirements. In fact, each OPG machine comprises customized features suitable for different dental practices.

Here is a list of the best OPG machines in India. Keep reading further to gain more knowledge and information about the best OPG machines in the Indian markets.

MyRay Hyperion X5 OPG

  • The machine incorporates an MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) which is its primary working principle

  • It is a triple laser guide enabled machine

  • Comprising a virtual control, the machine constitutes a pair of self-blocking wings

  • It constitutes 18 premium applications for a quick and a seamless diagnostic

  • Featured with a touchscreen panel, the machine displays the photographic capture in just a few seconds

  • It has facilitated access (suitable for differently-abled individuals as well)

  • Works on both QuickPan and MultiplePan function

  • Ability to manage and archive dental structure images

  • A sturdy and powerful interface to interact with third-party systems

Rayscan Alpha Plus

  • Winner of the RedDot Design award

  • Furnishes excellent 3D dental images

  • Incorporates a real-time FOV toolkit for crisp and sharp orthodontic images

  • Endowed with an amazing optimal functionality

  • Quick and easy to click and scan images within 10 seconds

  • Accurate and low in dose CT scans

  • Has the ability to curtail images distortion by engendering the patients to sit comfortably

  • Comprises a wireless remote control to adjust patient’s positioning and movement

Acteon X Mind Trium OPG

  • Provision of large size FOV visualization for 2D and 3D dental images

  • Reconstructs perfect algorithms for scanning and recording of OPG x-ray images and translates them into pixel equivalents

  • Incorporates a high definition Aceton Imaging Suite (AIS) which works comparably on MAC and regular PCs

  • Accurately examines the bone density and the complete anatomy of the dental structure

  • Diagnostically effective in reducing the x-rays which may harm the patients

  • AIS is excellent for furnishing sensitive oral surgeries

  • Enabled with 60x60 and 80x80 optimal definition visualization

  • Identifies the probable risks to oral surgeries to allow the orthodontist to viable cures and solutions

Carestream CS 8100 OPG

  • Provides customized access to patients to sit and position themselves comfortably

  • Incorporates triple anatomical program for dental imaging

  • Constitutes a high-frequency generator to maintain an equilibrium in radiation

  • It's 0.5 focal spot furnishes bright and clear images within a few seconds

  • Optimized settings to allow multiple user interfaces while capturing and storing dental images

  • Directly connects to the network software with Ethernet

  • Inbuilt program applications to learn its systemic functioning and avoid errors while capturing anatomical images of the jaw.

  • Comprehensive and integrated software provides options for image sharing and communication

MyRay Hyperion X9 PRO OPG

  • Enabled with touchscreen technology

  • Uses MRT technology for its dynamic functioning

  • Furnishes outstanding diagnostic interpretations

  • Comprises an expandable FOV (up to 11 cm in diameter)

  • Furnishes cephalometric projections while scanning 2D and 3D OPG images

  • Can capture a full 360-degree scan for crips and sharp anatomical OPG x-ray

  • Available in different configurations such as 2D PAN floor standard configuration and 3D (10x8) PAN floor stand configuration

MyRay Hyperion X9 OPG

  • A timely and efficient solution to technologically advanced OPG x-ray imaging

  • Offers wide-ranging cephalometric projections for clear and sharp 2D and 3D dental structure images

  • Has inbuilt automatic 2D and 3D detectors for accurate scanning

  • Delivers optimal and premium quality images

  • A well-equipped software application with a pre-loaded library for customizing different implants

  • Works compatible with all third-party operating software

  • Its dedicated sensors furnish a 16-bit dynamic range on 65,535 shades of grey

Vatech PaX-i Digital Radiography

  • ZEPNURhealth offers a “Buy Now, Pay Next Year” added advantage on this brand

  • Furnishes accurate diagnosis and sharp OPG imaging

  • It can capture the different orthodontic anatomical features such as teeth and jaws separately

  • Uses different sensors for image optimization

  • Engendered with quick and easy access to Pano/Ceph functions for multiple OPG images, one after another

  • A time-efficient device with a reduced x-ray dose for aged patients and children.

  • Variable modes of the image capturing in its settings option

Genoray Digital OPG System

  • The Genoray Digital OPG System has 3 laser guides to make patient positioning easy.

  • It has easy positioning with open-face architecture. It makes a calm experience for patients without claustrophobic feelings. Users can browse between panoramic images and select the most suitable one for diagnosis.

  • With the calibration option, Papaya CUST gives less than 1mm error Image. The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning also.

  • It has variable focal troughs with 9 different arch shapes to give a more accurate 2D image.

  • The OPG has an open Positioning (Face to face) and 3 scan modes ( Normal, Fast and HD )

  • It is possible to share images with ease (CDSEE, DICOM 3.0) - Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture. Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs.

  • Sealed base and columns, so safe from rats, lizards, cockroaches, etc from wire cutting and short-circuiting.

  • It is Self-standing, no need to drill in the wall or floor, and also is wheelchair accessible.

Best OPG Machine Price in India

Ideally, the cost of a fully equipped OPG x-ray machine ranges between 6 lakh to 10 lakh. A dental practitioner can select the most suitable one as per his/her needs.

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Altogether, OPG machines exercise a vivid usage in the dental and the healthcare sector. These machines feature as the primary step in the discernment of a dental problem and allow an oral surgeon to offer an advanced and customized solution.

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