Best Pulse Oximeters in the Market

Medical instruments are paramount to every healthcare practice across the globe. India furnishes the latest developing domain in this vast world of pharmaceutical products and services. To accomplish this, the medical world brings forth technologically advanced and handy devices for monitoring different attributes of a human body.

A pulse oximeter is one such device that plays a vital role in the medical industry. This article defines the pulse oximeter, its important functions followed by delineating the best pulse oximeters in the market. Additionally, the article also illustrates the usage of a pulse oximeter, its working principles, and its price in India.

Pulse Oximeter: Definitions and Functions

In simple terms, a pulse oximeter is a small-sized and light-weight device to scrutinize the amount of oxygen in a human body. These tiny affixable machines exercise extensive usage in hospitals, private medical clinics, and institutes.

The principle function of a pulse oximeter is to record the pulse rates and oxygen saturation levels in a human body. An intuitive and inexpensive machine, it furnishes a genuine review of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Task-oriented and painless, you can use it anytime and carry in your pocket while commuting.

Pulse Oximeter: How it works?

Since 1995, medical science and technology have excelled in the provision of intense monitoring solutions at home. The advancement and expansive usage of pulse oximeters is one such boon. Today, most of the individuals have access to fingertip pulse oximeters within the comfort of their homes.

Image: Working of a Pulse Oximeter

However, it is essential to note the proper instructions issued by your physician about the usage of pulse oximeters.

Using a pulse oximeter is reasonably quick and easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps and learn to use a pulse oximeter within minutes:

  • Carefully attach the device to your fingertip via its wide opening in the middle.

  • The panel over the oximeter will display your current pulse rate and the amount of oxygen in your body.

  • Post assessing the above; it will exhibit your ongoing heartbeat as well as the oxygen-transporting from your heart through the blood.

  • Finally, the labels mentioned above will help your physician to access the oxygen saturation levels in your body.

Therefore, the fingertip enabled method of a pulse oximeter successfully reads and estimates the SpO2 circulation in your body. For convenience and efficiency, you can purchase your set of pulse oximeter and use it at home.

The Normal Range of a Pulse Oximeter

Under normal circumstances, the pulse rate of a human being ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute (bpm). The pulse monitors this rate of heart contraction and expansion quite effectively.

  • In fact, a pulse rate below 60bmp may result in

  • Declining cardiovascular fitness

  • Heat ailments such as Bradycardia

  • Unexpected fainting

  • Loss of memory

  • Expected fainting

Next, according to medical scientists and experts, SpO2 levels of 95% or higher is usually considered normal. However, readings below 92% signify inadequate or insufficient blood oxygen saturation. A low oxygen saturation level in blood may lead to:

  • Adverse health conditions

  • Shortness of breath

  • Pain in the chest

  • Peaked up heat beat

Best Pulse Oximeters in India

India, as the growing hub for medical instruments, furnishes user-oriented platforms for processing pulse oximeters. ZEPNURhealth is a proven incredible solution to your medical and healthcare devices in India.

Our company offers customized pulse oximeters for your fundamental and advanced medical requirements. Please browse our web pages for more details and information about the best pulse oximeters in the market. A detailed description is as follows:

Trivitron iVita O2 Plus

  • Comprises flexible audio and visual alarms

  • Displays SpO2, PR trend graphs and plethysmogram in real-time on its front panel

  • Constitutes a standard adult fingertip clip border for a convenient usage

  • Best for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

Trivitron iVita O2 FT

Easy to use adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

  • Effectively records oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate in a human body

BPL Smartoxy Lite Pulse Oximeter

A fingertip pulse oximeter to monitor pulse rate and O2s saturation levels in the hemoglobin

  • A valuable and noninvasive device to record the oxygen levels in the blood

  • Highly accurate in low perfusion conditions

BPL Smartoxy Pulse Oximeter

Featured with quality definition OED screen

  • Furnishes a portable and advanced- based oxygen scrutiny

  • Compact device with added advantages like pulse rate monitoring and healthcare advancement

BPL iOxy Pulse Oximeter

A Bluetooth enabled device to furnish quick and easy pulse rate monitoring

  • Also records oxygen saturation levels in the blood

  • Effectively connects with a smartphone to analyze the flow of SpO2 in a human body

  • An Equipped with a user-friendly control panel display with adjustable features of brightness

  • Operates on a BPL Bewell application easily downloadable from Play Store and used on a smartphone

  • The app connects IOxy pulse oximeter and helps in maintaining the past and present pulse rate records

ZOI Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Light, compact and easy to operate

  • Best to furnish quick and accurate pulse rate and SpO2 measurements

Pulse Oximeter Prices in India

Pulse oximeters can be availed online at affordable and inexpensive prices in India. You can procure an excellent pulse oximeter at a price as low as INR 1500. Advanced devices could range somewhere starting from INR 25,000 and so on.

For more details on different pulse oximeters, or to get expert guidance on how to choose the right pulse oximeter, get in touch with us on 1800-102-8348/

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