Top-selling Dental Autoclaves in India (2020)

A dental autoclave is a must requirement in any dental clinic or institute. This is because dental autoclaves ensure the steam sterilization of surgical tools and dental handpieces. In fact, the healthcare industry stipulates specific guidelines for the usage of autoclaves as deep cleansing technological sanitizers in dentistry.

For this, it is mandatory to select the most suitable autoclave for your dental practice. ZEPNURhealth is a dedicated and trusted medical & dental instrument retailer furnishing you with the best, durable, and reliable autoclaves for your clinics.

This article details the top-selling dental autoclaves in India and their availability on the ZEPNURhealth website.

Dental Autoclaves in India

Dental autoclaves help to ensure the safety and protection of your patients. Thus, to provide them the finest dental services at inexpensive online prices, you must choose the best dental autoclave in the healthcare market. Here is a list of the top 3 dental autoclaves in India. Refer to for more information.

Wonson Tanda B Class Dental Autoclave (23L)

The Wonson Tanda B Class 23 L autoclave showcases a negative pressure display above its reading panel board. More to this, it also incorporates a lockable zipper or safety switch to maintain the smoothness and efficiency of the sterilizing procedure.

In addition to the above, this branded autoclave incorporates USB and multifaceted safety features to furnish you with an incredible autoclaving experience. You can check its online price in India on our web pages and opt for this performance-oriented autoclave set.

Ruynes Economical Autoclave (15L)

If you are looking for something pocket-friendly for your click, Ruynes Economical 15L autoclave should be your choice. It is a front-loading autoclave with multiple features for effective sterilization and dental servicing. Furthermore, its excellent capacity of 15L can sterilize your surgical handpieces within a time duration of 6-30 minutes.

Thus, scroll down through our website and choose this one if you do not wish to shell out tremendously from your pocket. This budget favoring dental autoclaves is the best economical choice among all.

Runyes 23L Front Opening Autoclave

This outstanding and impeccable dental sterilization device comprises a microcomputer monitoring system for automated checks. In fact, it contains a Motorola sensor for regulating the multiple functions of this autoclaving machine.

Furthermore, the autoclave constitutes a user-friendly interface to ease out the sterilization process. It is uniquely efficient to conduct antimicrobial tests such as vacuum testing, spore testing, B&D testing, etc. Next, its automatic features record sterilization timings and pressure conditions within its metallic structure.

Altogether, Runyes front opening autoclave is a quality certified ISO product 9001-2008 with a spacious capacity of 23L.

Radion MIC Steam Autoclave

One of the products of ZEPNURhealth’s vast-ranging dental autoclaves collection is the Radion MIC Steam autoclave A standard Class B sterilizer, this autoclave is enabled with a triple vacuum feature along with a drying filter.

Besides, the temperature of this autoclaving machine accounts for less than 0.2%. In fact, it has the ability to engender it's vacuum bars to attain a data value of -0.8bar. Its medically efficient parts include solid and hollow multi-apertures and insert tubes. These parts ensure a full-fledged sanitization of the surgical handpieces.

(Table: Dental Autoclaves with confirmed stock availability)

Summing Up

Altogether, ZEPNURhealth is a treasure house of wide-ranging medical and dental machines. It is your evergreen platform for availing your autoclaving equipment at affordable and unbeatable prices.

After all, your health and hygiene is your top-notch priority and we promise to cater to it at every cost. For more varieties of dental autoclaves, browse our website and place your orders. We are happy to serve you and pray for your good health. Log into for more information.

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