Best Selling ICU Ventilators in India

Every hospital, government, or private, requires ICU ventilation facilities for their critically ill patients. Therefore, physicians must be extremely careful while selecting a suitable ICU ventilator for their hospital.

This article substantiates the best and the widely used ICU ventilators in India. It lists down the different ICU ventilators manufactured by different companies with unique and customized brand labels.

Read further to find out the most preferable ICU ventilator for your patients.

Availability of ICU Ventilators in India

The contemporary scenario faces a tremendous dearth of ICU ventilation units. The Covid-19 pandemic has baffled most of the country’s population as well as hiked the demand for decent ventilation services.

In fact, even the doctors experience a professional crisis while putting their multiple patients on a single ventilating machine due to a shortage of proper ventilators.

Thus, we suggest the physicians in India opt for the below-mentioned ICU ventilators which are readily available in the Indian markets. Some of the popular choices are:

Best Selling ICU Ventilators in India

Out of the above list, here are some of the best and remarkable ICU ventilators in India. You can browse through the ZEPNURhealth website to familiarize yourself with the incredible features of these medical devices.

Trivitron Healthcare Multipurpose ICU Ventilator

Also known as MTV1000 ICU ventilator

  • Enabled with advanced, innovative and unique technology (Ultra Quiet Turbine Technology)

  • One of the most affordable and inexpensive ICU ventilators in the Indian market

  • Furnishes optimal respiratory care through the facilitation of adequate breathing

  • Manufactured as per international quality standards (approved by KFDA and CE)

  • Suitable for ICU, emergency rooms, ambulance, and home care

  • Incorporates a nebulizer, monitoring system, additional battery back up (of about 6 hours), Apnea backup, ETCO2, and SPO2 affixations

  • Availability of quality maintenance with lab view program

  • Integrated with an electronic blender

  • Operates on PACV, PSIMV, VACV and VSIMV modes

  • 7” color TFT touch panel for comfortable viewing and monitoring

  • Made in India

  • Quality Certification: ISO 9001: 2004, ISO 13485 certified

BPL Prisma Vent 30C Ventilator

Constructed with customized technology and proper respiratory support system

  • Incorporates respiratory pumps for durable breathing

  • Automated ventilation technique

  • Provision of extraordinary aid to patients and suffering personnel

  • Quick accessibility to its navigable menu

  • Easy to operate and use

  • Triple ventilation system (autoF, autoPAP, autoST)

  • Comfortable regulation, setting and storing of ventilation programs

Trivitron eVolution 3e Essential Ventilator

Compatible with dual valve technology to cater to balanced breathing delivery, active inhalation and exhalation and high-performance PSOL

  • Enabled with internal gas source technology

  • Vivid and sturdy graphics

  • Customized with event markers and intrahospital patient support

  • Easily accessible and viewable tabs

  • Incorporated with a nebulizer

  • 12.1 LCD touchscreen and a user-friendly panel

  • Approved by European CE and USFDA

You can easily avail an ICU ventilator in India within the range of INR 1,50,000 to INR 10,00,000. You can place your order with ZEPNURhealth private limited and avail a customized ICU ventilator of your choice, preference, and medical need.

Altogether, ICU ventilators are extremely essential medical devices in the world today. Every hospital must be equipped with an ICU ventilation facility and every doctor should have adequate skills to operate an ICU ventilator.

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