All you need to know about the new Care of Sweden Medifoam Mattress

Updated: May 7, 2020

With their clear vision to eliminate pressure ulcers, the reputed Swedish brand “Care of Sweden: has developed a broad range of products specifically targeting pressure ulcers and the underlying risk factors associated with it.” Their wide range of products includes Air beds, Foam Mattress, and Medipal Wipes.

The range of foam mattress developed by Care of Sweden is ideal for all healthcare environments and are being used in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and for pain therapy.

ZEPNURhealth has partnered with Care of Sweden and is representing their diverse product range in Bangalore and Karnataka region.

What is Medifoam DX03?

Care of Sweden introduces the pressure redistribution mattress known as Medifoam DX03. These mattresses play a major role in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and bedsores.

The Medifoam DX03 is combined with clinical assessment and patient management. It comes with very good pressure redistribution properties and has been equipped with a combination of PU and HR foams making the mattress more breathable.


  • Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and category 2.

  • It can be used in pain therapy and muscle relaxation.

  • Also helpful in improving blood circulation.

Features of foam mattress:

  • Catalyze the recovery process.

  • It is durable and withstands a challenging healthcare environment.

  • Waterproof covers made up of breathable fabric.

  • Reduce excessive heat buildup.

  • Minimizes the risk of shear and friction.

  • The support foam(as shown in the picture) provides a firm foundation for the mattress to avoid the spreading of the mattress from the bottom.

  • The cover is stretchable in a four-way and is permeable to vapor.

  • The mattress is available in different sizes such as 90/120/150/180x180cm and 90/120/150/180x200cm with an easy customization option.

  • Recommended user weight up to 180 kg.

  • The mattress comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Pain relief

  • Right support and pressure redistribution

  • Avoid neural damage

  • Relief from numbness

  • Quality sleep

  • Best comfort

Pressure ulcers are one of the most common healthcare injuries. They cause great suffering to the affected ones and slower the process of their recovery. Hence, it is advisable to provide patients complete care and speeding up their recovery process by prescribing them the best care for their body pain and other pressure injuries.

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