COVID-19 Products to Invest in When Reopening a Dental Clinic

The dental clinics have terminated their routine practice since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, most of the dental clinics postponed or even canceled their prior appointments due to this worldwide medical emergency.

However, with the reopening of the economy and other essential services, dentistry too has to resume with its work. In other words, with ease down of restrictions, dental clinics feature a restrictive reopening in accordance with the measures and guidelines issued by the Health Ministry.

This article discusses the trending COVID-19 products which dental clinics must invest in when reopening their services. All the below-listed products are pertinent to the safety of both the dentists as well as their patients.

Let’s have a look.

Durable PPE Kits

First and foremost, both the dentist and the patient must put on durable and decent quality personal protective equipment to avoid getting contaminated with COVID-19. A PPE kit includes the following essentials:

Face Mask

A face mask features as the most significant requisite when visiting a dental clinic or while treating a patient. All patients, dental staff, and other workers are expected to cover their faces (especially mouth and nose region) with a mask.

Face masks can be of different qualities, N95, Isofluid dental masks, procedural line, and ultra-thin line masks, etc.

Furthermore, purchase a suitable mask from a trusted and medically certified store and use it while diagnosing your patients.

Face Shield

A dentist can use a proper face shield to maintain extra caution while curing their patients. A face shield refers to a proper face covering with a plastic base. It covers the entire facial region (including the eyes) with a plastic cover in order to protect you from the novel Coronavirus.

As the shield is fabricated from plastic, do clean it from time to time in order to maintain its structural hygiene. Use a lens cleaning wipe to clean dirt and other harmful particulate deposits from the shield.

Aprons and Gowns

Wear a full-length barrier gown while performing surgery or examining basic dental anatomy. The function of a battier gown is to prevent the chances of viral contamination and keeps you safe while working.

Besides, ensure that your barrier gown has elastic cuffs, an open back (to allow the smooth passage of air from your body to the external atmosphere), composed of non-woven spun or polypropylene with a polyethylene coating.

It is advisable not to use a single gown more than once. Thus, a dentist must procure multiple gowns; face masks, etc. for their safety and protection.

Moreover, furnish a clean apron to the patient you are treating keeping in mind their protection and safety. And discard the apron after a single usage. In other words, do not repeat the same apron with multiple patients.


Finally, tune your face shield and barrier gown with a stretchable pair of gloves. In fact, gloves are extremely necessary while performing dental surgeries or other dental-related activities.

Also, similar to aprons and gowns, discard your gloves after use and wear a fresh pair to treat the next patient.

Towels and Liners

Similar to patient aprons, facilitate separate towels and liners to every patient and let them feel safe in your dental setup. Also, use your own liner for your personal self and do not mix this stuff at any cost.

Hand Sanitizers

Place an excellent quality hand sanitizer at the doorstep of your dental clinic and ask your patients to sanitize their hands before they enter.

This is because the anti-microbial gel formulation of this product prevents germ deposits and keeps your hands fresh and clean. In fact, it also kills the germ cells which may have accumulated on your hands while traveling.

Additionally, ensure that your hand sanitizer contains around 70% alcohol, free of gluten petroleum and lanolin emollients, comprises vitamin E extracts and other natural ingredients such as lime, aloe vera, etc.

Apart from the gate, also keep a sanitizer bottle on your desk and use it often.

Hand Sanitizer Stand

To ensure double safety, place the sanitizer bottle on a stand so that people entering your clinic do not touch the bottle time and again.

Hand sanitizer stands are usually enabled with foot processing that is you can extract the gel sanitizer material by pressing the peddle from your foot. Therefore, purchase a hand sanitizer stand and install it at the front gate of your clinic.

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Next, in addition to a gel-based sanitizer, you can also keep a pack of hand sanitizer wipes on your table. Post an operation/ treatment, you can use one wipe to sanitize your hands prior to preparing for the next.

Non-contact Temperature Assessment Device

Last but not least, procure a non-contact temperature assessment device (or else an infrared thermometer) to monitor the body temperatures of patients entering your clinic.

This is because an increase in body temperature features as one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. Employ a dedicated staff to examine temperatures at the gate of the clinic. And in case you discover any patient with a temperature exceeding the normal range, do not let them enter the clinic or undergo dental surgery.

In addition to the above, also ensure that none of your staff has a high temperature. In such a scenario, give paid leave to your staff.

Altogether, the impact of the deadly COVID-19 virus is dangerous. Yet, certain precautions can save you, your patients, and your dental clinic. Thus, ensure that you procure the aforementioned COVID-19 Equipment prior to reopening your clinic.

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