Dental CBCT Imaging Technique

Dental techniques engender pivotal functions in dentistry. Each groundbreaking dental innovation has revolutionized the entire medical and healthcare industry since time immemorial. In other words, every dental clinic brings varying dental techniques to usage for treating patients suffering from endodontic issues.

Dental CBCT imaging technique is one of the many distinctive practices common in dentistry. This article discusses this specific technique in detail. Furthermore, the article lists the best CBCT machines in the Indian market.

What is CBCT Dental Imaging Technique?

Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technique refers to a unique x-ray machine to furnish a sharp scanning of dental structures. This particular technique is mainly useful when other facial x-rays aren’t sufficient to capture the anatomy of the dental space.

Somewhat similar to the conventional dental imaging techniques, CBCT products the dental anatomy in the form of a cone. It means that an x-ray beam moves around the teeth, jaws, and other oral spaces in a conical shape.

Moreover, this technique provides clear and bright images of the facial-skeleton including teeth, jaws, bones, etc. It also covers major oral tissues and muscles while capturing the complete dental anatomy.

The Structure of a Dental CBCT Imaging Machine

The dental CBCT imaging machine is square in shape. It constitutes an upright chair for the patient to sit and a movable table for the surgeon to keep his/her surgical tools. The chair comprises rotating C-arms which is adjustable as per the patient’s convenience.

There is an x-ray intensifier affixed to the machine. This intensifier includes an x-ray source and a detector. This entire setup furnishes the dedicated scanning and capturing of the dental structure images.

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Advantages of Dental CBCT Imaging Technique

Some common uses and benefits of dental CBCT procedure are as follows:

  • A thorough diagnosis of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

  • Recognizing the genesis of tooth and muscle aches

  • Beneficial of reconstructive dental surgeries

  • Helps to dissociate the impacted teeth and employ new teeth implantations

  • Examination of sinus problems, jaw infections, nasal cavities, etc

  • Determining bone orientations and tooth structures

  • Accurate Cephalometric interpretations

  • This technique reduces radiations while scanning of dental images

  • It observes no immediate allergies or side-effects

  • A painless and non-invasive method of dental imaging

  • Helps in precise dental treatment planning, implementation, and cure

Risks Involved in Dental CBCT Imaging Technique

Apart from massive benefits, the dental CBCT procedure involves certain risks. Some of the risks are mentioned hereby:

  • Excessive radiation may result in slight chances of cancer

  • Children shouldn't be exposed to this technique immediately due to their sensitive oral tissues

The Working of Dental CBCT Imaging Technique

  • During this procedure, the gantry or the C-arms rotates at an angle of 360 degrees

  • During this rotation, the cone beams capture multiple dental images from different angles

  • These multiple images get reconstructed into a single SD image through the CBCT machine

  • The detector and the x-ray source also rotate along with the C-arms

  • The machine generates around 150-200 high-resolution images in a single rotation

Best Dental CBCT Imaging Machines in the Market

The dental market offers these CBCT machines for the usage of dental surgeons. You can browse these machines on ZEPNURhealth’s website and select as per your requirements.

Some of the best dental CBCT machines are listed below:

MyRay Hyperion X5 CBCT

  • It is a technologically updated CBCT equipment to furnish premium quality dental structure images

  • This instrument is capable of capturing sharp and clear anatomies of the dental structures

  • The machine is flexible light and compact in weight and usage

  • It incorporates three laser guides, five head contact points, and a front mirror

  • Additionally, its rotatable chair helps the patient to relax in a suitable positioning while giving a dental image capture

  • It works on a low dose volumetric evaluation

Vatech Pax-i 3D CBCT

  • ZEPNURhealth private limited brings you an incredible offer on this dental equipment

  • You can buy this machine right now and pay next year

  • This dental model captures outstanding panoramic images

  • It eliminates blurred and distorted images from the database and exercises sharp and clear dental imaging procedure

  • In fact, the high resolution of the image can be increased as per the requirement of the oral surgeon

  • LAT and full LAT are the two sizes from which this cephalometric equipment can choose while scanning the dental anatomy

  • The PAX-i3D Green provides a comfortable and safe environment to procure high definition and prominent images of the oral anatomy.

Genoray Digital CBCT System

  • The Genoray Digital PAPAYA 3D CBCT System is a combination of 3D CT, Panoramic, and Cephalometric (optional), to meet all diagnostic needs.

  • t has a zero error image. The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning. The CBCT is provided with an Open Positioning (Face to face) and Multi Focus

  • It has 3 scan modes ( Normal, Fast and HD ) and has Smart metal artifact removal feature ( SMARF) for more clarity

  • 19 FOV for all type of practice: >> 4*5 cm with 75-micron voxel for Endodontic cases. >> 7*7/8*8 cm with 100-micron voxel for Periodontics cases. >> 16*8 cm with 150-micron voxel for TMJ cases. >> 16*14 cm with 200-micron voxel for Maxillofacial cases. >> 23*14 cm with 200-micron voxel for Maxillofacial cases.

Dental CBCT Imaging Machine Price in India

Dental CBCT imaging is readily available in the Indian markets. The starting cost of this machine amounts to INR 40lakhs-50lakhs. Prices can vary as per suitable quotes, brands, and product features exhibited in different markets.

Altogether, the dental CBCT imaging technique is a useful and suitable method of scanning sharp and clear dental anatomical images. Most of the orthodontic surgeons today use this procedure to recognize dental issues in their patients and provide a reliable cure for their problems.

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