Dental Chairs in India

Dental chairs are essential electronic equipment of usage in dentistry. A flexible dental chair of premium quality aids in proper dental practice and ensures the comfort of your patients.

The Indian markets offer a wide-ranging variety of new, used, and refurbished dental chairs. Choose an optimal dental chair for your clinical establishment and carry out dental treatments and surgeries with ease.

This article discusses multiple varieties of dental chairs in India. You can select the most suitable equipment for your clinic. Go through this quick guide to buy dental chairs in 2020 carefully in order to procure the best one in the market.

Dabi Atlante Croma Air Dental Chair

This is a solid steel frame coated chair with an anti-skid base.

  • An anti-corrosive and ABS injected equipment.

  • Flexible equipment for comfortable positioning.

  • Features longitudinal movements with a lever-lock system.

  • Available in multiple color shades.

  • Easy to wash.

  • Ambidextrous equipment for both right and left-sided individuals.

  • Powered by BOSCH motor with a lifting capacity of around 200kg.

  • Enabled with a durable LED unit and x-ray system for easy visualization.

  • A 620-degree rotation feature integrated with this dental equipment.

  • Has 3 intensities: 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 LUX

  • Mounted with 4 terminals: airotor, 3-way syringe, micromotor, and a scaler.

  • Also constitutes autoclavable syringe nozzle and removable needles.

  • Comprises 5 chair caster wheels.

  • A flexible doctor’s stool accompanying the dental chair for excellent mobility and stability.

Siger ELITE V2000 Dental Chair

Ergonomic design with autoclavable silicon pads at an affordable price.

  • Enabled with an ultrathin aluminum backrest and a dual joint headrest.

  • Fabricated with Italian leather which furnishes a classy look to this dental chair.

  • Integrated with an x-ray film viewer, two 4-hole tubings for turbines, 3-way syringes, and one 4-hole tubing for air motor.

  • Also incorporates a hydraulic saliva ejector with pneumatic HV suction.

  • Featured with an automatic ON/OFF lighting system and an option of distilled/tap water switching system.

  • Comprises a detachable ceramic spittoon and a suction system for cleaning.

  • Has a Hydrogroup with a 90-degree rotation.

  • A powerful touch control panel for the smooth operation of the equipment.

  • Has detachable handles for disinfection in addition to suction tubes.

  • An evenly distributed lighting system with a remarkable CRI.

Unicorn Denmart Innova Pad Yellow Dental Chair

The dental equipment constitutes where operational points: one for air rotator, one for 3-way syringe, and one for in-built fiber optic scale.

  • Composed of non-corrosive silicone padding.

  • Enabled with a joystick for furnish tap water supply towards the dental chair.

  • Flexible equipment with rotatable chair arms.

  • Features low suction cannula independent filters for cleaning.

  • Its double articulated headrest makes the device suitable for differently-abled patients.

  • Comprises a touch screen sensor system with an LED intensity ranging between 8,000-25,000 LUX.

  • Contains customized programs that including spitting, last working position, and auto return to ground zero.

  • Covered with a durable plastic sheet blending luxury and reliability under a single bracket.

Dabi Atlante Croma Techno V Understanding Dental Chair

An electro-mechanical dental chair comprising a spindle system.

  • Equipped with proper baselining and sturdy construction.

  • The backrest of the dental chair incorporates two oil-free electrical motor reducers.

  • Enabled with a pantographic lifting system.

  • Manufactured with blended steel plates and has a flexible- rotator body

  • Comprises a low voltage electric circuit supply of 127/220 V- 60 Hz.

  • The device is equipped with a sewage box in PVC with a damper and a vent.

  • It contains a light intensity of 30,000 LUX with a color temperature of approximately 5,500 degrees K.

  • Enameled with a carbon steel sheet along with dual-grip ergonomic handles.

  • Also featured with a pneumatic foot switch and progressive activation for regulating hand appliances.

Star OverHead LED Automatic Dental Chair

An electro-mechanically operated dental chair for comfortable dentistry.

  • Featured with flexible longitudinal and backrest movements.

  • Easy for comfortable positioning with 2 programs in the chair and 1 present working position.

  • The equipment also includes a flexibly positioned doctor’s stool to furnish convenient orthodontic surgeries and treatments.

  • Enabled with LED lighting having variable intensity.

  • Have 2 independent switches for air and water supply.

  • Enabled with a movable assistant arm, 3-way syringe system, and 1 extra holder.

  • A touch screen control panel for smooth operational dynamics and 2 suction points for medium and low suction.

  • Integrated with a movable glass spittoon.

  • Furnished with cup filler option for normal and warm water flow.

Other Varieties of Dental Chairs

In addition to the above, Indian markets feature other varieties of dental chairs equipped with major dental treatment facilities. Some of these varieties are as follows:

You can check out these varieties and others in the row at

Dental Chairs Price in India

Most of the dental chairs in the dental markets range between INR 18,000 to INR 3,50,000 depending upon the treatment components and facilities integrated within a specific unit.

Many online portals such as Amazon, OLX, etc sell dental chairs in India. Or else, you can browse through the dedicated web pages of ZEPNURhealth Private Limited to buy dental chairs for your clinic.

All together, dental chairs stand pertinent to dental clinic installations. Place your order for the most suitable dental chair and upgrade your practice of dentistry.

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