Dental OPG- A Quick Guide

Dental imaging and x-rays scanning are paramount to dentistry. In fact, the dental industry excels in the sincere employment of these services to benefit patients and excel in its practice. This imaging innovation has eventually added to the technological advancement of healthcare worldwide.

In this regard, panoramic dental x-rays are essentially useful in monitoring of mild and severe problems within the dental structures.

This article focuses on:

  • Dental OPG Definition

  • Different OPG X-ray techniques and their suitable engagement in orthodontist practice

  • Uses and benefits of Dental OPG

  • Various dental imaging brands

  • ZEPNURheatlh Dental OPG Online Directory

What is a Dental OPG X-ray?

A dental OPG (Orthopantomagram) x-ray refers to the panoramic inspection of a dental structure. This detailed scrutiny includes the facial skeleton, the upper, and the lower jaws. This technique depicts the two semi-circles of the skeletal-jaw region and scans it for orthodontic examination.

Dental surgeons use this oral investigation technique to discern the following within the dental structures:

  • Tooth decay and cavities

  • Abscess and tooth infections

  • Missing jaws, bone fractures, and Hyperdontia

  • Oral and jaw cancers, tumors and other severe tooth-related diseases

OPG X-ray Technique Explained

Most of the hospitals and private dental clicks comprise the installations of OPG x-ray machines. These machines cater to the provision of dedicated x-ray image testing and scanning.

  • To click an x-ray, the orthodontist may advise you to put off glasses, jewelry and other metal objects above your neck region

  • Further, wear an apron to avoid exposure to radiations

  • Further, place your chin on the thin block of the OPG machine and open your mouth

  • Post this, the radiologist will adjust the machine to capture a perfect and high-resolution image of the affected tooth or jaw

  • For this, sit straight without any movement to allow a proper scanning of your dental structure.

The total time taken for the conduction of this OPG procedure is from 10-20 seconds. Besides, your dental care expert may suggest you get this quick and seamless check-up once every six months.

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Uses and Advantages of Dental Orthopantomogram

  • Evaluation convenience for the patient

  • Excellent for patients who cannot open their jaws wide enough

  • Time-efficient

  • Stretches across all major portions of teeth bones and jaws

  • Also effective for educating visually aided medical students studying dentistry

Is the Dental OPG X-ray Procedure Safe?

Most of the patients are concerned about the safety issues pertaining to the dental OPG x-ray technique. The answer to this question is yes, provided the procedure is performed with all necessary precautions and by a seasoned dental practitioner.

Despite the involvement of minor radiations, this technique is extremely safe without any side-effects. Adding more to this, even small children and infants aren’t vulnerable to this procedure and can undergo their dental structure scanning without any risk.

The safety valve of this procedure is also due to its external photographic application and nothing is premised internally.

However, the dental OPG technique is not safe for pregnant women. Therefore, in case you are pregnant, it is better to inform your radiologist and get your x-ray procedure postponed until your delivery.

Procuring your OPG X-ray Digitally

In case you want to procure a digital copy of your OPG x-ray, contact your radiographer and ask for it via email. You can also avail of a DVD or CD copy of the same for future references.

Additionally, a soft copy of your OPG x-ray can be extracted through the procedure mentioned below:

  • Place your OPG x-ray film in front of a white surface on your digital screen

  • This white surface could be preferably a blank page of your Microsoft Word document

  • Switch on the room lights for a high definition capture

  • Now click a photograph of your OPG x-ray film from a DSLR or your smartphone camera

  • Do not use the flashlight while taking a snapshot

  • You can attach this photo in the form of a JPEG file or convert it into PDF and share it ahead

Best Brands for Dental Imaging Products

ZEPNURhealth private limited offers a vivid variety of dental imaging products. Browse through our website for more information on dental imaging products.

Some of the popular products for dental OPG x-ray are:

Altogether, this excellent diagnostic technique for radiographers and OPG surgeons is highly beneficial for patients. This seamless, non-invasive, painless, and quick technology helps in capturing a prominent and sharp image of your dental structure.

To maintain this pictographic proximity, it is better to use advanced technical equipment. ZEPNURhealth features as an all-time solution for your medical, healthcare, and dental instruments. Log in to for more information about our products.



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