Equipping Your Medical Clinic

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As a health care professional, it is essential for you to consider the right medical equipment to furnish your clinic. There are a few obvious factors you must consider such as the pricing, regulatory standards and technical specifications. Also, you must consider how this equipment will be serviced if the need arises and what additional accessories/consumables will be required for this product on an-going basis.

Planning and budgeting for these factors will ensure you are constantly maintaining the quality of your practice in a smooth, hassle free process.

Challenges you are likely to run into when ordering medical equipment:

· Lack of all available options for your budget and technical specifications

· Multiple vendors for multiple equipment therefore multiple points of contact

· Lack of service and repair options for the equipment you choose

As a health care professional, you have surely spent invaluable time and resources to learn and update your skills. However, these skills are highly specialised in medicine and could be insufficient in running a successful clinic.

In addition to only providing consulting services at your practice, it is essential to consider additional services you could provide that would benefit your patient. This would mean equipping your clinic with right equipment that would complement the specialty based service you provide. This will mean quality medical care for your patients in addition to revenue for your practice.

For example as a physician, if you spend INR 70,000 on an ECG machine for your clinic you may be able to diagnose a cardiovascular disease early and save your patient’s life. On the financial front, if you charge a patient INR 100, it will only take 700 patients for you to ensure your return on investment on the machine.

Risks of not planning for the right medical equipment through the right vendor:

· Inadequate budgeting leading to unplanned costs in the future

· Failing to set the expected quality for your clinic

· Multiple points of contact for servicing, delivery, training, consumables of each equipment

· Multiple points of contact for the different equipment and consumables you intend to purchase

I recommend that a single distributor or health platform is used for choosing the right equipment, ordering the equipment, delivery, training, servicing and periodic ordering of consumables.

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