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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Dental structure imaging and radiography are pertinent to the dental world. To perform this advanced and sensitive feature, every dental clinic must possess appropriate testing equipment.

Such medical instruments pivot accurately defined imaging facets and aid dental patients in the best possible ways. This article answers essential questions that frequently bother patients and other individuals about the Dental RVG technique.

What is the full form of Dental RVG?

Dental RVG stands as an abbreviation for Dental Radiovisiography.

What is the Definition of Dental RVG?

The Radiovisiography (RVG) dental imaging technique has common usage in the dental industry. It is generally used for capturing crisp and prominent intraoral periapical radiographs (around 20 LP/mm).

The RVG system furnishes crystal clear high-resolution images for further dental testing and solutions.

What does a Dental RVG Constitute?

A dental RVG comprises the following parts:

  • Sensor (with configuration 275x182 mm)

  • Monitor

  • Other small microcomputer components

The Dental RVG machines operate at a 70 kV and 8 mA and an exposure time of 2 to 3.2 seconds. Its 200mm cone comprising a 55mm aperture makes an extremely advantageous device to scan fast and premium dental images.

Further, the sensors of the dental RVG machine are wrapped in a water-proof and shock-resistant silicone encasing. This protects the sensors from external damage.

What are the Uses of Dental RVG X-ray Machine?

Some of the important benefits of using a dental RVG x-ray machine are as follows:

  • To generate digital radiographs for interphalangeal joints and articular cartilages

  • Scanning multiple images with curtailed radiations

  • Tremendously effective and faster procedure for dental anatomical imaging

Which are the Different Dental RVG Machines available in India?

To buy a high quality dental RVG x-ray machine to cater to your dental practices, browse the ZEPNURhealth website and choose your customized dental product today.

Some of the popular and highly recommended dental RVG machines are mentioned below:

Evolve OraDect Pro DDX 1500RVG Sensor

  • Crafted with an indigenous design

  • Its manufactured structure keeps the patient’s comfort on priority

  • Enhanced productivity and a time-efficient product

  • Excellent for quick and confident dental diagnosis

  • Uses triple-layer advanced CMOS technology

  • Constitutes structured columnar fiber optic scintillators for consistent and high-resolution dental imaging


Incorporates a USB x-ray sensor

  • Provision of streamlined and high definition intraoral orthodontic structures.

  • Integrated with all-in-one iRYS DICOM

  • Incorporated with a free image visualizer and an iPad featured app

  • Quick and reliable dental image capturing and scanning

  • Slim and compact hardware

  • Ease and positioning comfort keeping the patient’s priority in mind

MyRay X-Pod

A pocket-sized dental model customized for your everyday dental practice

  • A USB enabled device for scanning high-resolution radiographs

  • Featured with intraoral sensors to furnish the finest anatomical imagery

  • High definition touchscreen display

  • Incorporates a lithium-based polymer battery which even works on a low battery strength

  • Compartmentalized folders for saving and testing dental images

  • Triple sensor protection

  • Comprises a user-friendly graphical interface

Ray Rio Sensor RVG

Enabled with ergonomic sensors

  • Operates on CMOS technology

  • Direct portable USB connection

  • Fingertip accessibility

  • Supported on Windows Tablet PC

  • A disinfected and a water-proof dental device

  • Works on low radiation exposure

  • Featured with a user-friendly software

  • Compatible with fiber optic technology

  • A Reliable compact packaging unit

Acteon Sopix Digital Z-Ray Sensor (RVG)

  • Incorporates SOPIX and SOPIX2 sensors for high-resolution radiography

  • Ergonomic design

  • Panoramic dental structure imaging feature

  • Safely placed sensors without fear of falling out

  • Premised on the feature of broad-spectrum optical microfibers

  • Furnishes automatic image freezing

Carestream RVG 5200

  • Affordable, inexpensive and easy to install

  • Enabled with a comprehensive imaging software

  • Optimized to furnish high resolution and consistent dental images

  • Comfortable sensor placement and activation

  • A technologically advanced solution for digital radiovisiography

Vatech EzSensor Classic RVG

An ultra-slim and compact dental device

  • Works on advanced CMOS technology

  • Easy, time-efficient and engenders high imaging productivity

  • Environmental friendly design

  • Prioritizes the patients’ comfort and suitability conditions

  • Reduced exposure to radiations

  • Customized for every age group, including senior citizens and children

  • Accurate positioning and dental anatomical scanning

What is Dental RVG X-ray Machine Price in India?

The minimum cost of decent quality and value for money dental RVG machine is 1.5 lakhs in the Indian markets. You can avail of this dental equipment both online and offline.

ZEPNURhealth, your primary solution for dental devices procurement, furnishes ready to use dental models. Go through our web pages and opt for the most suitable and customized radiovisiography machine for your hospital, private clinic, or a medical institute.

Altogether, a sturdy and technologically advanced radiovisiography machine is an all-in-all solution to your dental services. You can ease your patient’s dental discomforts through scanning high definition dental anatomies through dental RVG machines.

Log in to for more information about dental and other medical devices. We promise to provide you customized dental care solutions as per your priority based requirements.

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