Frequently Asked Questions on Oxygen Concentrators and CPAP Machines

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Breathing fresh and intoxicating air is the right of every individual. People with mild to severe breathing ailments need not worry. The medical world has come up with mind-blowing solutions for patients suffering from breathing problems.

Both oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines are excellent medical devices to cure the issue of breathing. People belonging to all age groups can procure these instruments and use them as per the customized instructions of their physician.

However, people still have many questions in mind in terms of their features, usage, and other minute details. To clarify your doubts, this article answers the most pertinent and frequently asked questions on oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines.

How do Oxygen Concentrators Work?

Oxygen concentrators extract the oxygen filtered air from the surroundings and deliver it to the patient via a mask or a nasal cannula.

Can an Oxygen Concentrator be used as a Ventilator?

As per the viewpoints of physicians, oxygen concentrators usage as a ventilator should be avoided.

Which Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the Best?

Some of the best portable oxygen concentrators in the market are:

Where to Buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

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How much do Oxygen Concentrators Cost

In India, most of the oxygen concentrators range between INR 40,000 to INR 55,000. Call us on 1800-102-8348 to get the best and unbeatable prices.

How Often You Must Clean Oxygen Concentrators?

It is mandatory to clear your oxygen concentrators once or twice a week.

What does Oxygen Concentrator Do?

An Oxygen Concentrator aids in the appropriate delivery of pure oxygen from the atmosphere directly to the nasal cannula of a patient suffering from breathing distress. This medical device filters breathable oxygen from the nitrogen-rich ambient air and oxygenates individuals who have problems in inhaling and exhaling fresh air.

Can Oxygen Concentrators Help in COVID?

Yes, oxygen concentrators are extremely beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. It helps people suffering from breathing ailments by oxygenating their lungs.

Is an Oxygen Concentrator the same as a Ventilator?

No, there are underlying differences between an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator. Some of the key differences between these two medical instruments are as follows:

  • The primary purpose of a ventilator is to aid in the respiratory process. However, an oxygen concentrator does not help in respiration but only facilitates pure and filtered oxygen to patients who have hypoxia.

  • A ventilator is an invasive medical device while an oxygen concentrator is noninvasive in nature and usage.

How do Oxygen Concentrators Work?

Oxygen concentrators filter the 21% oxygen contained in the ambient air. It furnishes this pure and non-nitrogenous oxygen to patients suffering from breathing problems. To attempt this task, the oxygen concentrator moves the purified oxygenated air into the beds via a compressor.

Furthermore, it evenly distributes this pure oxygen through the hoses inserted into the nostrils.

What is a CPAP Machine?

A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine features an extremely advantageous medical device for preventing obstructive sleep apnea. The machine is a suitable pressure therapy to be applied on the nose in order to increase the air pressure reaching a person’s throat while sleeping.

What are the Uses of a Bipap Machine?

A Bipap (Bi-Level Positive Air Pressure) machine has multiple uses such as:

  • Regulating a preferable amount of air pressure for breathing

  • A suitable treatment method for sleep apnea

  • Integrated with an optional breathing timing feature

  • Helps in curing pulmonary diseases (better than CPAP machines)

How do CPAP Machines Work?

CPAP machines generate adequate air pressure in order to facilitate smooth breathing during sleep. These advanced machines also help in preventing the problems of obstructive sleep apnea.

An ideal CPAP machine reduces snoring and helps in the facilitation of proper air pathways for people suffering from sleep disorders. It’s durable and adjustable mask or a pair of nasal prongs need help in the creation of suitable air pressure in a patient's throat.

Further, this pressure-based sleep therapy is an outstanding method to cure the issues of sore throat, nasal congestion, abdominal bloating, and skin irritation.

How do Bipap Machines Work?

A Bipap machine furnishes a regulated supply of air pressure directly to the throat of a patient suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Unlike its CPAP counterpart, a Bipap machine monitors the breathing sequence in a patient and optimizes its air pressure flow as per their requirements.

Are CPAP Machines Safe?

Yes, CPAP machines are fairly safe. However, there may be few side-effects pertaining to their usage like:

  • Air leakage from the medical device

  • Rashes or skin marks

  • Mouth dryness

  • Claustrophobia

Can CPAP Machines cause Headache?

No, CPAP machines do not cause headaches.

Which are the Best CPAP Machines?

Some of the best CPAP machines in India are:

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Altogether, CPAP machines, Bipap machines, and oxygen concentrators exercise vivid benefits for treating people requiring medical treatments. All these user-friendly devices must be procured as per the instructions of your physician.

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