Hospital Consultancy

Setting up a new healthcare facility, or renovating an existing facility can be a time consuming and tedious task. Each and every step you take can dictate the success or failure of your healthcare facility.

At ZEPNURhealth, we are committed to assisting our customers every step of the way. That is why, we have partnered with key and experienced consultancies within India, to expand our service portfolio towards new and existing healthcare facilities, by offering customized and client-centric solutions, that can drive growth.

Through our partnership, we have been able to expand our services across India as well as other markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Whether you are planning to set up a new facility, renovate your existing one, or simply want some assistance with setting up operations, we can help you.

Detailed Project Report: Setting up a new hospital or clinic setup warrants a huge monetary investment. Before diving into the process, it is vital to do an assessment of the various factors to make an informed decision. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is an exhaustive and comprehensive roadmap that can estimate the viability of the project based on extensive market assessment and can also estimate the financial feasibility of your project.

Architectural Design and Planning: Services for Architectural Design and Planning, include end-to-end planning and design, such as Master Planning, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Detailed design, Working/Construction drawings, as well as MEP, HVAC, Interiors and Landscaping. We shortlist and work with selected contractors to furnish the site and make your project a reality.

Medical Equipment Planning & Advisory Services: Choosing the right capital equipment is one of the most important processes while setting up a new healthcare facility. With partnerships with leading manufacturers, we can help you create a list of medical devices for different departments, Medical Gas Piping Systems (MGPS) as well as patient furniture, keeping in mind budget and service considerations.

Information Technology Services: We can facilitate the use if HIT during the infrastructure stage of setting up your healthcare facility. By conducting techno-commercial comparisons, overseeing negotiations, installations, and staff training, we can assist in the commissioning of HIMS in your healthcare facility that can drive operational efficiencies and long-term savings.

Human Resource Planning: Staffing is one of the most important long-term decisions, that can dictate the patient experience and delivery of medical care. Not only do they need to have appropriate qualifications and experience, but also qualities that are in line with the culture of the healthcare facility. We can facilitate drawing up of contracts, salary benchmarking, and a list of medical, paramedical, nursing, administrative, and support staff, that would be the best fit for your healthcare facility’s service mix and size.

Hospital Policies & SOP’s: SOP’s or Standard Operating Procedures are important process policies and documents that need to be followed in every department to drive efficiency and facilitate the best care to the patient. They form the backbone of any healthcare organization and must be in keeping with your goal and vision. Exhaustive SOP’s that are benchmarked on industry best practices can ensure that your healthcare facility performs at optimum efficiency against competitors.

Quality Management: Quality Management Systems are of vital importance to any healthcare facility. We can facilitate in the drawing up of documents that define the structure, processes, procedures, and systems to drive effective quality management. By doing so, you can ensure that your healthcare facility can reduce waste, reduce margins for error, lower costs, and hold accountable for the various parties involved. Developing these Quality Systems for operational efficiency can also facilitate NABH and JCI accreditations for your hospital.

Hospital Commissioning: Before opening doors to patients, it is important to test the running of your healthcare facility. Through our partnership, we can facilitate a final training and dry run, to ensure the seamless operation of your healthcare facility.

Management Consulting, Advisory Services, Performance & Operational Audits: We can also facilitate in conducting performance audits and transformational strategies through Service Line Analysis (SLA) of various departments within your healthcare facility, to improve patient care and drive efficiency and profitability. In addition, audits can also be conducted to gauge the efficacy of infrastructure, Medical Equipment Planning, Tariff Rationalization, Manpower training, etc

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