How telemedicine is transforming healthcare in India

Telemedicine is the latest revolution in the healthcare industry. The infusion of technological improvisation with medicine has upgraded the medical sector and assist it to achieve new milestones.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the individuals seeking medical advice have switched to online pharmaceutical procurement. Patients in distress can seamlessly avail of the telemedicine facility and get timely diagnoses from healthcare service providers in India.

This article examines the pivotal function of telemedicine in India and how its integration is transforming the healthcare industry.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to the remote-based medical assistance and interaction between doctors and their patients. WHO calls it the “healing from a distance” method of clinical services.

Telemedicine, as the recent trend of healthcare provision, is a boon to the medical industry.

This is connected to geographically distanced patients and physicians via technological and communication devices.

Furthermore, Telemedicine allows a digital sharing of information across the computer screen between a doctor and a patient. It includes diagnosis and the treatment of a problem including pharmaceutical prescriptions and post-therapy care suggestions.

Global Market for Telemedicine

The demand for telemedicine anticipates a sharp rise in recent decades. Today, it is a 35 billion dollar industry and anticipates attaining a value of 81.61 billion dollars by 2024, with a CAGR of 17.85%.

Key Driver for the Rise of Telemedicine

Telemedicine traces a positive trajectory owing to COVID-19 medical emergency worldwide. Its social distancing norms impact the medical industry and ensure its participants (the doctors and patients) to digitize their interactions.

Other factors boosting its worldwide demand constitute:

  • AA doctor-patient ratio of 1:10 instead of 1:1.

  • Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

  • Aging population.

  • Online accessibility

  • Political and economic uncertainty.

Benefits of Telemedicine (For Patients)

Telemedicine has multiple advantages such as:

Cheap and Inexpensive

Telemedicine therapy is lower in cost as compared to in-person appointments, diagnoses, and treatment. It also reduces secondary expenses such as fuel charges to visit a medical facility.

Time Saving and Convenience

In addition to cost, telemedicine saves time travel lets a patient receive medical attention in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Slow-down the Spread of Infection

Telemedicine curtails the percentage of infection spread as it is a remote process of diagnosis between the doctors and the patients. It is especially suitable for people with a weak immune system and protects them against the risk of infection at the hospital.

Prevention is better than cure

Last but not least; telemedicine features as a preventive measure to ensure long-term health. It transcends geographical barriers and aims to facilitate quality health services to millions in physical and psychological distress.

Benefits of Telemedicine (For physicians and healthcare providers)

To patients likewise, here are some prominent benefits of telemedicine for healthcare specialists:

Additional Revenue

Doctors can add an extra coin to their pocket by facilitating telemedicine services in addition to their routine medical practice.

Safety and Personal Protection

Similar to patients, telemedicine keeps physicians safe and protected against infectious diseases. This is because of its geographical parity between patients and doctors.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Telemedicine facility unburdens the medical practitioners from the extra cost such as frontal desk support and extra treatment cabins. This further allows them to support their advanced practice and research.

Patient satisfaction

Finally, telemedicine therapy guarantees patient satisfaction. This is because of its flexible process which allows the patient to get proper treatment within their suitable surroundings.

Challenges to Telemedicine

Despite several advantages, telemedicine therapy is fraught with inevitable challenges like:

  • No insurance coverage.

  • Vulnerable to online hacking if not protected with encrypted coding.

  • Delays in treatment in few cases.

  • Issues about medical licensing.

  • Technological malfunctions (such as internet connectivity).

  • Inability to conduct an in-depth medical examination of the patients.

The Way Ahead

Telemedicine and virtual care have a great future ahead in the forthcoming decades. Some of the highlights guaranteeing this future are mentioned hereby:

  • Research studies reveal that telemedicine and artificial intelligence in the medical sector may generate a revenue of 19.1 billion dollars by 2025.

  • Influence and the optimal impacts of robotic surgeries on the Indian medical industry.

  • Digitally empowered laboratories in the future. Such labs may be able to conduct tests without specialist intervention and deliver on the spot test reports.

Altogether, telemedicine is a safe, comfortable, and convenient option for patients who prefer staying home for their treatment. And rising COVID-19 cases entail the popularity of telemedicine therapy in India.

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