Buyer's Guide for Digital Panoramic X-rays (OPG)

Updated: May 7, 2020

The history of the panoramic x-ray is decades old. Since the past few years, the digital versions of the traditional format x-rays have given us images with better clarity and less patient exposure to the emitted radiation.

The visualization of both lower and upper is a few seconds task with the help of these digital panoramic X-rays(OPG). Gone are those days when you have to wait for the film to get developed. OPGs have been imaging easier and time-efficient. And to add further we can have a set of digital bitewing x-rays to get the complete set of patients entire dentition records without exposing the patient to a hefty amount of radiation. The images hence obtained from the digital x-rays are more diagnostic than that from a traditional x-ray system. All these take just a time of less than 90 seconds and give you ample time to treat and consult with more patients. With a digital panoramic x-ray system in your practice, if you do encounter a questionable area that requires a periapical radiograph, you can do so in that one area.

While there are n number of OPG's in the market, it is extremely crucial to choose the best one for your dental facility without causing a huge dent in your budget, and no compromising on quality. After analyzing different OPGs in the industry, the ZEPNURhealth team has come down to a few points that must be considered while buying an OPG for your dental clinic.

  • Compatibility – This is one of the first things that should be taken into consideration when buying an OPG. Any OPG should not disrupt your original workflow and should be compatible enough to be integrated into your existing workflow. We have got many OPG systems such as Carestream OPG, Vatech Pax-i works on the common scanning driver such as TWAIN allowing you to automatically pull the radiograph into your software as an image file. Hence, you can keep your existing software without having a separate one just for the panoramic x-rays.

  • Alternative Views – The newer the technology the more the functionality. Various new OPGs allow the user to collimate the exposure area only to show the desired parts of the jaw. For example, it is possible to capture an image of just the condyles or acquire “super-bitewings” that only show the posterior teeth.

  • Menu Controls – Navigation of the system should be easy in order to save time and switch between alternate views. The changing of the view from an adult to a child should be straightforward and a simple process.

  • Footprint – We know that newer OPGs are slim enough to fit in your facility but it is extremely important and wise to choose the OPG that fits into the area integrated with your patient flow.

  • Upgrades –When you spend on a machine for your dental facility it is essential that the machine holds the option for an easy upgrade. For example, if you are considering to buy a 3D cone beam at some point but you are more comfortable handling and starting with a 2D digital system, remember to go for a machine that has an upgrade path to CBCT like our MyRay Hyperion X5 2D/3D X-ray system. Hence it is more cost-effective than buying two different machines.

  • Tomograms – There are machines allowing alternate views in which the focal trough is slightly shifted. When the views are combined it gives a 3D image that can be helpful in viewing a particular area of interest.

  • Warranty – Always ask for the warranty and how long the service may take when needed for the machine even though these OPGs are hardy units. Make sure you are aware of the warranty information of the machine as, unlike handpieces, you can not send these machines off to any repair shop!

  • Scan Time – While we know OPGs are extremely fast scanning systems, we must take into account the scanning time when buying a digital panoramic system. An ideal OPG should provide the scan somewhere in between 7 and 20 seconds.

Everything is fast-moving in the world. People have less time with more work to be done and no dentist would like to lose upon their patients. Hence, it has become essential to wisely choose the dental equipment for your dental clinics and facilities without needing to spend a bomb on it. The bigger equipment comes with a price that is often considered as an investment and hence, efficiency and better treatment to the patients are what we all must aim for! Browse various new age products on

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