How to set up a new dental clinic

Have you completed your BDS or MD? Is setting up a dental clinic your new professional milestone? If yes, make sure that you have all equipment and surgical tools to initiate your dental practice. In addition to this, also take care of the other documental needs before beginning the installation of your new dental setup.

This article discusses the fundamental requirements to set up a dental clinic in India. Read it very carefully prior to accomplishing your dream of practicing dentistry.

Here we go.

Understand your Requirements

Before availing or procuring any dental equipment, you must recognize your essential needs for setting up a dental clinic. This constitutes:

  • Personal Requirements

  • Financial Investment

  • Professional Accomplishment

Let us elaborate on these needs, one by one.

Personal Requirements

  • Anticipate your upcoming lifestyle as a dentist. If you a newbie to this field, it is significant to realize your needs and work on them to the fullest.

  • Observe your surroundings and try to access the conditions of accessibility among your locales

  • Opt for locations near to educational and recreational centers as this may hike your chance of patient accessibility

  • Look forward to urban localities as opposed to rural ones

  • Try networking with people and generate lead contacts

  • Select a suitable and convenient location for your new dental setup.

Financial Investment

  • For this, observe the demands for dentistry in the locality you wish to install your dental clinic.

  • In this case, you can either opt for an old, famous, and expensive complex which shall cater to you with numerous patients. Or else, go for a new and inexpensive locality where financial investment may be less but you suffer a dearth of patients.

Professional Accomplishment

  • Choose a location that facilitates your incredible opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • In order words, open your new dental clinic at a location and with strategies that will incur a lucrative potential to your practice.

  • Also, don’t forget to check the requisite licenses and permits to initiate your practice in a particular area you choose.


While selecting an appropriate location, keep the following parameters in mind:

  • Go for a mall or a shopping complex

  • Find busy streets which have commercial shops and setups

  • A hospital or a super-specialty dental installation

  • Post choosing your preferable site, evaluate the size of your clinic, and allocate specific spaces for target-oriented functions.

  • This includes the separate waiting lobby for patients, space for other dental subordinates, time duration for treating patients, corners for dental equipment, trays for surgical appliances, etc.

Other features to keep in mind while setting your new dental clinic comprise:

Interior Designing

  • Pay attention to the overall design of your clinic

  • This includes air quality, ventilation system, noise pollution, cupboards for dental equipment, etc.

  • Try to construct a lavish yet cost-effective clinic as per your suitability and dental consumer demand in your locality


  • Install adequate and good quality lights to have an edge over your dental practice.

  • Boost the resolution of your lighting system in order to perform advanced and successful dental surgeries

  • Help to create a stress-free environment for your patients with ambient lightning


  • Apply suitable texture paints or wallpapers to make your clinic look more spacious and comfortable.

  • Opt for designs which are both easy to clean and cost-effective


  • Ensure that your clinic has an adequate parking space convenient for you as well as your patients

Consider the following design strategies in addition to the aforementioned requirements:

  • Number of staff to be recruited

  • The space for conducting surgeries

  • The potential of growth as per the locality of your clinic

  • Seating capacity of the waiting area

  • Kinds of dental equipment to be procured

  • Make your reception area lively with attractive posters, television, and music, coffee-table books, and magazines, etc.

Recruiting Office Staff

Remember the following important points while hiring suitable and well-qualified staff for your dental clinic:

  • Conduct proper and multiple rounds of an intensive interview

  • Ask relevant questions related to their job profile, qualification, experience, reasons for leaving their previous job, etc.

  • Examine their willingness for this job profile and their ability to perform multiple functions

  • Ensure their medium of communication as it is very significant while conducting surgeries or interacting with the patients

  • Train your staff as per your needs and their learning potential

  • Provide decent remuneration to your staff and hike their pay as per their performance

  • Employ more staff as per your requirements and increasing patient intake

  • Conduct a thorough and time to time evaluation of your staff

Your Actual Practice

Post fulfilling the above conditions; track your actual dental practice through the following mediums:

  • Examine the flourishing capacity of your dental practice

  • Record the financial status of your clinic over the last three years

  • Calculate the difference between your net and gross practice income

  • Evaluate your consultation charges and other surgery and treatment based charges

  • Assess your market value and on the basis of it, reframe your professional strategies and principles

Associate Independent Contract

You may be practicing independently but still, you can borrow your dental equipment and other related facilities from a third party. This procedure is known as an associate independent contract. Some of the pertinent features of this contract are mentioned below:

  • Self-employed and independent practice

  • Flexibility rights pertaining to an average fee, working hours, treatment planning, etc.

  • No employment or retirement benefits

  • Undertaking multiple organizational and financial responsibilities

  • Maintenance of proper patients’ records as the third copy may ask for the same

Associate Independent contracts are of two types:

Solo Contract

  • Dentist share numerous facilities such as dental equipment, surgical tools, maintenance and supply expenses, etc. under this contract

  • Each dentist is expected to know and adhere to their rights and obligations under this contract

Time-Sharing Contract

  • In this, two or more dentists have to share their space and time together

  • Although the practice is independent and has facilitated different timings, the dentists involved need to clarify issues on equipment purchase and their maintenance.

Other Important Considerations

Here are some considerations to become:

An Independent Associate

  • Independent practice within an organization

  • Sharing of dental premises

  • Contribute a share of each patients’ fee to the organization

  • No authority in organizational matters such as their working timings and performance

  • Not entitled to benefits, insurance plans, etc

  • Cannot distribute work to other staff members

  • Has to pay for any damage caused during practice

  • However, his practice and patients solely belong to him

An Employee Associate

  • Purchases dental equipment and other supplies for the smooth functioning of the dental clinic

  • Can dictate or suggest appropriate measures to its staff

  • Decide upon the instructions and guidelines pertaining to patient care

  • Committed to patient care management practices and procedures

  • Not allowed to practice outside the organization. This may even lead to his/her suspension

  • Can guide the organization about their performative potential

  • Entitled to benefits, insurance plans, and other emoluments

Therefore, if you are a new dentist and planning to open a new dental clinic keep the above-elucidated guidelines prior to initiating your practice.

And don’t forget to log in to for procuring dental equipment and surgical appliances for your new dental setup. We wish you good luck with your upcoming practice.

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