Indian Healthcare Industry needs a Change

The Healthcare industry is the backbone of a developing economy. It caters to its spurring advancement and makes it independent in terms of delivering excellent and top-notch services to its citizens.

In addition, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has invited critical attention to the worthiness of healthcare infrastructures. Or else put it, it makes the government, private stakeholders, physicians and the citizens conscious of its quality and service provisions.

Today, the Indian healthcare sector is in a dire need of reformation. It requires a multi-level revamping so as to fulfil the growing demands of its national dynamics.

This article discusses how physicians can contribute to reimagining the country’s healthcare system and what will be its sub-sets.

Indian Healthcare System

The healthcare industry in India witnesses a rapid escalation owing to the recent COVID-19 medical emergency. The fructifying sector anticipates touching a value of 132.84 billion US dollars which would soon propel to a whopping amount of 61.79 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

In other words, the industry is accelerating at an incredible CARG of 16-17% and may contribute to 2.5% of the country’s GDP by 2.5%.

The Gap in the Indian Healthcare Industry

As per the expert viewpoint, despite an amazing growth forecast in the coming years, there is still much to worry about. This is because the experts have raised a very pertinent question that is, does the growing industry match equally with the services it must facilitate in these uneasy times?

The answer to this question is difficult owing to the growing population of the country, a hike in the number of COVID-19 cases, lack of quality PPE kits and physicians etc. All these factors may lead to a decline in this sector and only a remapping of its inner dynamics can save it from upcoming downfall.

IIMB’s Take on Reimagining the Indian Healthcare System

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore organized its 47th Founder’s Day on 28th October 2020 through virtual mode. The event characterized award ceremonies, speeches, and much more to celebrate this gracious occasion.

This event at IIM Bangalore stormed the medical world with its bold remarks on the pandemic crisis and the way India is dealing with it.

The chief guest, Dr. Gangadeep Kang, FRD, Professor of Microbiology at Christian Medical College, Vellore in his lecture titled, “Reimagining the Indian Healthcare System” articulated the following:

There is no reason why we, in India, cannot chart a new path for the emerging world of healthcare. Despite the challenges and complexity, we must use our learning and synthesis to reimagine India’s healthcare system to lay out a path that works with state and non-state actors, to provide a resilient healthcare system for comprehensive, accountable, accessible, inclusive and affordable quality healthcare to every Indian.

The above statements clearly point a peaking up demand for incorporating technological innovation and managerial skills in the Indian healthcare industry. Continuing on the same lines of innovation, laying his main emphasis on the growth of telemedicine, Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman to the Board of Governors, IIM Bangalore stated,

What would have taken five years before, took just five weeks post-COVID-19 Telemedicine was illegal before COVID-19 came, now it has been legalised. The pandemic could make us disillusioned. But remember, if there is one country that will emerge as the winner in this crisis - it is India. That is because we have learnt to manage ourselves among adversities, we Indians are very adaptable. So, start working to build a new India which we all would be proud of.

Role of Doctors in Reimagining the Indian Healthcare Industry

There is a huge burden on doctors and clinicians to reimagine new milestones for the Indian healthcare Industry. This is mainly because their role in serving the medical world stands pivotal to the development of the country.

To be more precise, physicians situated all over India have joined hands to make the healthcare system more competent and value-added like nothing before. For this, the responsible community of doctors as taken the following initiatives:

  • Digitization of patient records through comprehensive clinical data management systems.

  • Following stringent protocols for social distancing and disinfection of the hospital and clinical premises.

  • Integrating technologies based on artificial intelligence in their clinical set ups.

  • Streamlining their availability through virtual consultation techniques and recommending patients to use them.

Altogether, it may not be far when the Indian healthcare sector will breathe new air and rejuvenate its infrastructure down to the core. The medical community works towards this accomplishment and puts its sincere efforts to realize this dream.

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