Infrared Thermometers- A Quick Guide

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Medical devices are imperative to recording multiple conditions and ailments pertaining to an unhealthy body. The healthcare industry invests in these instruments to benefit millions of individuals.

Thus, using proper and sanitized medical handpieces is a must for all medical and healthcare practitioners across the globe. An infrared thermometer is one such device that you will find in every hospital, private clinic, institute, or any medical check post.

This article substantiates the definition of an infrared thermometer. It emphasizes its various features, uses, and importance. Finally, it also states the primary misconceptions which you must avoid while using an infrared thermometer.

What is an Infrared Thermometer?

An infrared thermometer denotes a non-contact medical instrument to monitor body temperatures. To check the body temperature, the thermometer is brought close to the forehead and its inbuilt infrared technology records the temperature within a few seconds.

In fact, this medically equipped device translates the body temperature from heat waves into equivalent units in celsius and Fahrenheit measurements.

Most of the time, this instrument is used for measuring temperatures when other temperature sensors cannot find usage. For example, there are situations when devices such as thermocouples and other sensor probes do not find immediate utility. At this point, the physicians and healthcare practitioners have to rely on non-contact infrared thermometers.

Infrared thermometers find wide usage while measuring temperature in the case of fever or other body ailments.

Constitution of an Infrared Thermometer

An ideal infrared thermometer comprises a lens whose function is to focus energy on the metal detector of the thermometer. Next, this detector converts the energy into transmissible electrical waves to measure body temperature.

Further to the above, there are advanced infrared thermometers which record temperature while the object is in motion. For this, the heat waves of the thermometer create an electromagnetic field around the object. And subsequently, it measures its temperature either in vacuum or in controlled atmospheric conditions.

Thus, infrared thermometers are essential in the medical industry and paramount to their functioning. The manufacturers of an infrared thermometer design it for basic to intensive medical practices.

Features and Uses of an Infrared Thermometer

The common uses of an infrared thermometer in the medical industry are as follows:

  • Its non-contact technology curtails the risk of bacterial and virus spread during the temperature evaluation.

  • These scanning thermometers are easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect.

  • They furnish rapid testing of body temperatures and engender a highly accurate readability score.

  • Their inbuilt laser detectors make them take multiple readings, one after the other.

Misconceptions Regarding Infrared Thermometers

In addition to excellent handy devices for scanning body temperatures, some misconceptions regarding infrared thermometers do exist. Here are the top three misconceptions regarding infrared thermometers:

Inbuilt Lasers Measure the Body temperature

The purpose of the inbuilt laser system is not to measure the body temperature but to point at the exact spot of measurement. In fact, its red beams finalize the specific area on the forehead from where the body temperature is to be recorded.

In other words, the inbuilt lasers do not pivot the measurement but stipulate a space to carry out the measurement process.

An Infrared Thermometer Displays the Internal Temperature

This is yet another misconception that must be strictly prohibited from believing in. An infrared thermometer records the surface temperature especially in the case of foods and ventilators. Only medical thermometers are an exception to this rule.

Medical infrared thermometers measure the body temperature by placing the device 1.5” from the forehead and convert the digital record into its numeric equivalent.

All Surfaces are Equal

Finally, infrared thermometers exercise different dynamics of emissivity depending upon the structure of the measured surface. Emissivity refers to the effectivity of a surface to emit infrared radiation.

It is measured on a scale of 0.00 to 1.00. As per medical examinations, the temperature of a surface having an emissivity value closer to 0.00 will be difficult to measure.

Thus, these key misconceptions must be acknowledged and noted while measuring the temperature of any object. This eventually results in the accuracy of temperature readings and makes it easy for further evaluation.

The Online Price of an Infrared Thermometer in India

Most of the manufacturers exhibit infrared thermometers online for sale. The ideal price range of an infrared thermometer between INR 1400 to INR 6000.

Browse the different types of infrared thermometers on The website offers various infrared thermometers to ease the procedure of temperature measurements. Some of the popular thermometers are equinox infrared thermometer and woodpecker infrared thermometer.

In fact, different medical stores and affiliates such as amazon sell infrared thermometers at affordable and inexpensive prices. Therefore, you can purchase an infrared thermometer online and employ it for everyday use.

Summing Up

Altogether, infrared thermometers are incredible medical equipment to add to your hospital, private clinic, or home. You can seamlessly use it anywhere and anytime. Carry this device with you and in case of discomfort, bring it close to the forehead and record the body temperature.

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