Innovative Products in the Medical Industry

Innovation is the key to success for any niche of life. And the medical industry epitomizes this notion from top to bottom. The industry blooms in vibrant colors when integrated with innovative technological solutions and improvisations.

In fact, this advancement in the medical sector allows it to set and accomplish new milestones each day. Besides, it enables this growing global sector to systematically cater to the needs of millions in distress.

This article substantiations selected innovative products that have revolutionized the medical industry. It outlines their elemental features and how their applications can benefit the masses.

Tobii Dianavox i Series

Tobii Dynavox i series is an assistive technology product to assist differently-abled individuals and senior citizens in their everyday activities.

  • This innovative equipment features an articulation device for people.

  • It has an incredible speech generation, people, for individuals having difficulty in speaking.

  • It is especially useful for people with Cerebral Palsy, Rett, ALS, or stroke/Aspasia.

  • People in distress can benefit from these products in multiple forms such as long-distance communication via a computer, voice output, environmental control, etc.

  • The device is enabled with outstanding gaze input support and an incredible power management system.

  • It features augmented and alternative communication (AAC) for individuals with a speaking disability.

  • It is known to deliver high quality and precision output for its end users.

  • An eye tracker is integrated with the system.

  • It furnishes up to 95% high-quality tracking results even in a colorful or a lighted environment or while wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Tobii Dynavox Eye Mobile Mini

  • This innovative solution features an eye-tracking desktop device that one can hand-freely operate with eye movements.

  • It is suitable for people with physical and communication impairments.

  • With this device, the user can control the desktop applications and navigate throughout the digital screen through the eyes.

  • For example, you can even watch movies, listen to audio, read digital books and newspapers with the medium of this equipment.

  • The device gives access to superb tablet function with 10000+ applications on-board.

  • You can easily mount it up in front of your wheelchair and enjoy its fabulous features.

  • The equipment facilitates a great variety of choices to its users.

  • It is enabled with an automatic Microsoft Pro Windows.

  • You can also run Windows 10, 8, and 8.1 on this device.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye- mini

  • This assistive technology innovative tool is a compact, durable, and lightweight device for versatile eye tracking.

  • It benefits people with physical and communication impairments.

  • It gives a wonderful efficiency on Windows 8 pro.

  • You can operate this device with relaxed eye movements.

  • It gives you access to several tablet features and adds an edge to your everyday browsing experience.

  • This device delivers accurate and precise content delivery and eases down your digital navigation.

  • Finally, the equipment gives remarkable tracking result reports and even in case of color lighting or while wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Curemedical Thermocoagulator

This device is used for detecting cervical cancer in women.

  • An expensive, portable, and lightweight equipment.

  • Designed as per WHO guidelines, this technologically innovative handpiece is battery-powered equipment finding application in most of the hospital facilities.

  • It has a rechargeable lithium battery which is reusable after every use.

  • It delivers a heat probe to the point of the cervix while diagnosing the problem of cervical cancer.

  • The heating element integrated with this device can attain a value of 100 degrees Celsius.

  • The device constitutes autoclavable ports of 16mm and 19 mm flat and 19 mm pointed tip.

  • The equipment is networked with automated procedures with audible and visual indicators.

  • The timings of its operational dynamics are visible on its digital screen in front.

Statis Wireless Multipara Monitoring System

It is innovative medical equipment with a user-friendly interface.

  • It delivers an incredible patient experience with multi-component integrations.

  • The device is useful for measuring 6 vital signs including skin temperature, NIBP, SPO2 levels in the blood, heart rate, respiratory rate, and 3-lead ECG.

  • The equipment has a central monitoring system with remote dashboards.

  • You can also connect this device with your smartphones.

  • Other features of this equipment are artificial intelligence integrations and EWS networking.

  • It is designed for ICU, postoperative care, HDU, A&E, and general care wards.

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The Thermocoagulator from Cure Medical is a device designed to treat early-stage cervical cancer by treating the pre-cancerous lesion tissue in humans. The design for the Thermocaogulator unit is according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines and recommendations for cervical cancer treatment. The unit uses the Thermocoagulation method that acts as an alternative to Cryotherapy in the direction and treatment of Cervical Cancer.

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