Must COVID-19 Essentials for a Hospital

Covid-19 pandemic has astonished the entire medical workforce in the country. The medical staff struggles day and night to address this accelerating issue at hand. Although scientists strive best to invest a vaccine for the virus, hospitals, in the meantime, must procure some COVID-19 equipment.

This article outlines the key sterilization products essential for a hospital in the times of COVID-19. Check out here if you have these products in your hospital? If not, go through the entire list and place an order for COVID-19 hospital essentials at the earliest.

Hand Sanitizers

First and foremost, each and every COVID-19 medical care unit must have adequate and premium quality gel-based hand sanitizers.

While selecting a sanitizer, a hospital must ensure that it contains around or more than 70% alcohol and should be fabricated from natural extracts with no harmful and toxic chemicals.

Air-based Disinfectors

In addition to gel-based hand sanitizers, hospitals must also invest in air-based disinfectors. This COVID-19 essential is used for disinfecting your hospital premises, medical equipment, and surgical appliances.

Check with the manufacturer and opt for the most suitable ones for your medical setup.

Peddle Dispensers

Placing a hand sanitizer at multiple places is no added advantage if each patient entering a hospital touches it. In order to prevent virus contamination, invest in appropriate peddle dispensers, and place your sanitizer bottle within their allotted location.

Additionally, ask the patients and others to press the peddle with their feet in order to access the gel-based sanitizer.

In short, peddle dispensers are an excellent means to ensure your health, safety, and hygiene.

Fumigation Systems

Fumigation systems employ usage in hospitals and medical laboratories. The system releases fog based nano-particulate to disinfect your hospital premises, including COVID-19 patients’ care units.

Enabled with a digital timer and adjustable fog flow rates, fumigation systems are an outstanding source of sanitizing your hospital. In fact, their corrosion resistance work dynamics make them suitable for the killing of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Air Purifiers

Next, you and your patients deserve to breathe fresh and purified oxygen. For this, procure decent quality air purifiers for your hospital.

You can opt for suitable portable purifiers for medical set up. This equipment improves the surrounding air quality and prevents the accumulation of dust, virus, bacteria, and other allergies.

Additionally, constructed keeping structural styling procedures in mind, these purifiers look superb when installed in a hospital. In fact, they feature in-built ionizers which eliminate the promotion of air-born germs and allergies. Their incredible ionizer control system is enabled with a timer and an air quality visible indicator.

Disinfection Machines

UV featured disinfectant machines are a must addition to your hospital during these peaking times of COVID-19. You can keep products such as face masks, surgical tools, currency, mobiles, food packets, etc. for sterilization.

In other words, keep the aforementioned itself for a single minute within these machines and sterilize their outer surfaces. In this way, you are able to procure and use germ-free products and keep yourself safe from virus contamination.

Disinfection Tunnels

Similar to machines, hospitals must also add disinfection tunnels to their COVID-19 essentials. Use these tunnels to sanitize human bodies.

In fact, these tunnels are remarkable to detect the entry-level stage of infection. For easy and comfortable usage, pass a patient through this disinfection tunnels for 20-30 seconds.

Besides, this sterilization equipment comes with a user-friendly interface. The mist spray within its structure comprises organic substances and alcohol.

Manufactured with high-quality optimum material, it has no side-effects on the skin. Further to this, the tunnels are purely waterproof and weatherproof in their fabrication.

Patient Care Wipes

Patient care wipes are sanitized and alcohol-free wipes for cleaning patients. The anti-bacterial formula of these wipes kills germs and harmful microbes on the body of the patient.

In addition, these wipes have lipid bilayers and constitute essential ammonium compounds for effective sanitation. Fabricated with both detergent and disinfectant properties, they engender non-toxic and chemical-free usage.

Clinically tested and medically recommended add this disinfection product to your hospital and treat your patients with care.

Other COVID-19 Products and Equipment

Apart from the above, every hospital staff must use personal protection equipment (PPE) kits to prevent virus infection. This includes face masks, face shields, un-woven patients and gowns, surgical gloves, etc.

This equipment keeps you safe while from chances of virus contamination while mobilizing within the hospital premises.

Also, follow COVID-19 guidelines such as maintain social distancing in the hospital to ensure the safety of all. Altogether, make sure that your hospital has all the aforementioned COVID-19 essentials. If not, what are you waiting for?

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