NABH Certification for Hospitals

Prior to becoming a fully-operational medical and healthcare facility, it is mandatory for every hospital to procure a NABH certification from the government.

This certification ensures the quality of services that a hospital offers and its compliance with specific medical regulations and protocols.

This article discusses the NABH certification in detail. It pays attention to its definition, history of formation, benefits, and the procedure to procure this certification.

Let us dive in and know more about NABH certification for hospitals.

Full form of NABH

The full form of NABH is the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers.

The Definition of NABH Certification

NABH certification refers to a constituent body of the Quality Council of India (QCI) in order to monitor the maintenance of the functional services of hospitals and healthcare centers.

This accreditation board comprises members and stakeholders such as industries, consumers, government, etc. Additionally, each of these stakeholders supports the certification and enjoys full autonomy in its operation.

History of Establishment

NABH was established in the year 2006 by the Quality Council of India (QCI). Moreover, its standard protocols undergo an in-depth revision every three years.

Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), Kerala is the first NABH certified institute in India.

Standard Elements of NABH

Next, NABH certification incorporates standard elements for its proper functioning. Within its operational dynamics, it includes all hospital-related activities such as:

  • Patient registration

  • Formal admittance of the patient

  • Pre-surgery and post0surgery protocols

  • Final discharge

  • Timely check-ups and change in medications after the discharge

Therefore, NABH certification assists each clinical segment and governs it through clear, transparent, and streamlined policies. This renders NABH as one of the most sort-after and leading accreditations in the world.

Documented Provisions under NABH

Some of the pertinent documented provisions under NABH are as follows:

  • Access, Accessibility, and Continuity of Care

  • Care of Patients (COP)

  • Management of Medication (MOM)

  • Patient Rights and Education (PRE)

  • Hospital Infection Control (HIC)

  • Continual Quality Improvement (CQI)

  • Responsibilities of Management (ROM)

  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS)

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Information Management System (IMS)

Benefits of NABH certification

NABH has the following advantages:

  • It benefits all the beneficiaries involved in its functional dynamics. This includes both the stakeholders and the patients. It ensures patients’ safety and facilitates them with adequate medical and healthcare services. It also makes sure the facilitation of these services through well-trained and experienced medical staff in order to cater to maximize patient satisfaction.

  • NABH certification stimulates continuous improvement. It unravels a hospitals’ commitment to the provision of quality care services. Furthermore, it boosts the confidence of its staff which furnishes these services to the best of their knowledge and practice.

  • Finally, NAH certification allows the empanelment of insurance companies includes third parties. This further accomplishes suitable and affordable healthcare services for all.

Programs under NABH Certification

NABH offers quality-driven programs for the following:

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing homes and small healthcare organizations

  • Blood Banks and Transfusion Services

  • Oral Substitution Therapy (OST) Centres

  • Primary and secondary health centers

  • Medical Imaging Services

  • Dental Hospitals /Centres

  • AYUSH Hospitals

Application for NABH Accreditation

In order to apply for NABH certification, follow the below outlined step-by-step procedure:

  • Obtain the NABH application from NABH Secretariat or else download it from NABH official website

  • Submit the form completing all documentation and pay the requisite application fee

  • Also agree to the terms and conditions prior to the form submission

The validity of NABH Certification

Each NABH certification is valid for 2 years. The hospital or healthcare facility needs to resubmit its credentials for the next accreditation.

In fact, the certification office conducts strict surveillance and visits the medical set up after every 2 years to ensure the authenticity of the hospitals.

Preparation for NABH Certification

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to prepare for NABH Certification:

  • Obtain a copy of NABH accreditation standards and carry out a self-assessment of your medical facility based on those guidelines.

  • Go through the general information brochure on the official website for more information.

  • Browse through their awareness program in order to gather a better knowledge about NABH accreditation.

  • Also, remember the fact that NABH does not provide any sort of consultancy services.

  • However, for your convenience, you can take NABET consultancy services from their registered consultants.

NABH Accredited Organizations

Kindly refer to the “Accreditation Register” for more details on this. Also, go through the services on offer with different NABH accredited organizations.

Reach NABH Certification Office

You can reach the NABH certification office by telephone, post, and email. In case of any query, you may contact the Deputy Director the following mediums

  • Email id:

  • Phone: +91 11 23379321/ 23378057/23379260/23370567

  • Fax: +91 11 23379621

  • Postal Address: Quality Council of India 2nd Floor, Institution of Engineers Building Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi-110002, India

Summing Up

This is all about NABH certification and why do hospitals need it. Therefore, apply for this accreditation and add its numerous benefits to your healthcare facility. Also, continue to enjoy its advantages by renewing your certification in case you require to.

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