Not getting enough patients in your clinic? Here are some strategies that may help you! (PART 2)

Part 1 of this series explored some easy-to-action marketing strategies to promote your clinic. This section further explores some online promotion strategies that might require some additional investment, but can yield tremendous results for your practice.

Email Marketing

Once a patient comes to your clinic, you must store their details in your Clinic/Hospital Management System. If you don’t have one, collect their details in a physical ledge or Microsoft Excel file. There are several ways you can use their email address or phone number:

· Email them when it’s time for their next appointment or routine check-up

· Provide a discounted or free consultation on their birthday

· Email them about any new services that you are providing in your clinic

How can you get this done?

1. Capture all relevant details (apart from patient history) such as Name, Location, Email address, Phone numbers, Birthday etc when they come to your clinic.

2. Email your database. You can even use an Email Marketing tool, to automate the process. That way you need not spend your time on sending emails every day.

Online Marketing

Invest in a social media or digital marketing strategy to

1. Educate people about how to manage their diseases

2. Raise awareness of your clinical practice

3. Conduct paid ad campaigns online

How can you get this done?

Doing it yourself is possible, but will require a significant portion of your time. There are several online marketing agencies that can do this for you.

Word of Mouth

By far, the most effective way of marketing, that coincidently is not in your hands, is Word-of-Mouth.

How can you get this done?

It may seem like common sense, but if you provide a wonderful service to your patients, educate them on how to manage their diseases and give them your full attention during their consultation, they will refer you to their friends and family and help you grow a strong and loyal network of patients.

Is there any marketing strategy that you found really effective? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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