On Demand Healthcare Apps and their Working Dynamics

The healthcare industry is in a dire need of suitable teleconsultation and telemedicine therapies to satisfy the medical needs of the growing population.

Keeping this medical welfare in mind, government and private agencies have come up with a novel idea for healthcare app development. The integrated innovative technologies and user-friendly interface to these new mobile applications to allow a better healthcare service browsing.

This article discusses the working dynamics of these apps and their long term benefits to the masses at large.

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What are Healthcare Applications?

Healthcare apps refer to software programs that offer healthcare and related services for PC, tablets, and smartphones.

Easy to use and rely upon, these applications ensure the comfort zone of the patients as they can be operated from anywhere; at home, at the office, etc.

Healthcare App Market in India

The forthcoming market for healthcare applications brims with the potential for massive growth. As per research, the consumer landscape for the medical and healthcare industry anticipates escalating in the period of 2019-2024.

In addition, stakeholders in this industry look forward to investing in the healthcare app market to overcome inadequacies in healthcare infrastructure.

Therefore, the healthcare app market in India expects to reach a value of INR 138 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 31.61%.

Benefits of Healthcare Applications

As most people have access to mobile phones these days, enjoying the multifarious advantages of health apps is not difficult. Some of the pertinent benefits of their comprehensive technology are as follows:

A Blessing for those located in Geographically Remote Areas

Now people who cannot visit the physician every time can easily book an online appointment with the doctor. This helps them experience suitable healthcare services without wasting their time traveling back and forth.

Supports Doctors and Medical Staff

Similar to the patients, doctors too benefit from healthcare apps. It reduces overcrowding at their hospital or the clinic as they can issue prescriptions through the digital platform.

Reduces Medical Expenses

Online consultation is much cheaper as compared to the offline mode. This eventually reduces your medical bills and thus, does not cause a heavy burden on your pocket.

Multipurpose Applications

Healthcare apps have multipurpose benefits, especially for the following communities:

  • Elderly and geriatric population

  • Pregnant women

  • People planning to reduce weight

  • People on a diet

Challenges to Healthcare Application

Despite multiple benefits, some challenges do exist while accessing healthcare applications. This includes:

  • Technological challenges pertaining to internet connectivity

  • Confidentiality of Data

  • Lack of health awareness and literacy in rural and underdeveloped areas

How do Healthcare Apps Work?

Healthcare apps are built by professional application designers and software developers. An expert team of seasoned app developers and coders construct digital applications that can tune aptly with a PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Furthermore, these apps work on powerful processors and use a convenient navigation system for multiple tasks and icons. Each page of the application is well researched prior to its final design and execution.

Most of the apps constitute a home page, appointment schedule page, complete, rescheduled, and canceled appointment tabs, payment info, etc.

In fact, these apps are also enabled with the remarkable features of voice call and video call in addition to chat and email.

Last but not least; advanced technological apparatuses such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and blockchain are major integrations within healthcare apps.

Healthcare Apps in India

The Indian government supports the coherent initiative of building healthcare applications for the country. The National Health Policy Program of 2017 stimulates a growing demand for these apps incorporating them with various digital tools.

Some of the government launched apps are:

  • E-RakthKosh

  • Mera Aspataal/My Hospital

  • No More Tension

  • Swasth Bharat

In addition to government promoted healthcare apps, some of the private healthcare applications in the Indian market are:

  • Practo

  • SmartMedics

  • Netmeds

  • Medlife

  • PharmEasy

  • Mfine

Altogether, healthcare applications have revolutionized the face of digital healthcare and medical service procurement in India. It has helped lakhs of people to access online healthcare benefits with the tab of an icon.

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