Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer is a fatal syndrome in women and sometimes (rarely) in men. For this reason, many countries organize a health campaign to spread awareness about cancer and its related causes.

It also assists in raising a decent amount of funds for cancer patients, especially those who cannot afford expensive treatment.

This article elucidates the relevance of Pink October, also known as the breast cancer month.

What is Pink October?

Pink October (1 October- 31 October) is recognized as a breast cancer awareness month across the globe. It is also referred by the name of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) in the United States.

This key purpose of this month is to educate people about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for breast cancer. It cautions individuals about the significance of early screening to prevent the growth of cancer and its entry into the advanced stages.

History of Pink October

As a cancer awareness month, Pink October features as a joint collaboration between Imperial Chemical Industries, a pharmaceutical company, and the American Cancer Society.

Founded in 1885, the company initiative dedicates the entire month of October to promote mammography as a powerful weapon to fight against breast cancer.

Mammography refers to the techno-scientific process of screening the human breast via x-rays to detect cancer cells. This early detection helps combat the problem of cancer and allows one to do away with this critical ailment.

The relevance of the Pink Colour

Many of you must have often thought about, why only pink?

Pink color basically symbolizes women. And a ribbon of the same color was used to denote the issue of breast cancer in women. It also signified the problem of research and funding associated with this field and how it can be improved.

Further, Evelyn Lauder, the senior corporate vice-president of Estee Lauder Companies who founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to promote awareness about breast cancer in women.

Breast Cancer Statistics

As per global research reports, there exists about 1.3 million breast cancer cases and 458, 000 deaths from breast cancer every year. Besides, the issue of breast cancer in women has accelerated in the last few years in developed, developing, and underdeveloped regions.

Urbanization, adoption of the western lifestyle, and a hike in life expectancy have the potential factors to trigger this menace.

WHO Control Programs

The World Health Organization recognizes the urgency of this growing ailment and gathers potential attention towards its diagnosis and cure. The organization motivates the execution of comprehensive breast cancer control programs across the world.

The fundamentals of its National Cancer Control Program Includes:

  • The aim of this program is to reduce the number of worldwide cancer cases.

  • Its objective is to deliver improved quality of life to the ongoing cancer patients.

  • The program offers cost-effective remedies for low-income group countries and those who cannot afford the treatment.

  • The provision of equitable and sustainable diagnosis and treatment to all cancer patients.

  • Adhere to evidence-based standards of hygiene and care.

Pink October and India

The issue of breast cancer is highly prevalent in India. It accounts for 25% to 32% of women-related cancers in the country. According to the statistics, India recorded 1, 62, 468 new registered cases, and around 87, 090 deaths in the year 2018.

Or else put it, a woman dies of breast cancer every 10 minutes in India.

Peaking up at an alarming rate, the different states of the country raise their voice against its development. In fact, many hospitals also come up and stand in favor of this concern in multiple ways. The states and hospitals increase has taken the following measures to increase cancer awareness in India:

  • Organizing meetings and seminars and spreading awareness about breast cancer.

  • Roadshows in rural and urban areas.

  • Free cancer check-up campaigns in selected hospitals and medical care units.

  • Telehealth counseling sessions.

Summing Up

Altogether, Pink October is a brilliant and revolutionary concept for spreading breast cancer awareness. It aids in the early detection of the problem so that a potential cure could be initiated at the preliminary stages itself.

ZEPNURhealth salutes this spirit as well as those individuals who suffered (or still suffering) from this life-threatening disease. We are a procurement solution company for medical and healthcare devices in Bangalore.

Stay Aware, Stay Safe!


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