Top 5 Benefits of Portable X-Rays

Updated: May 7, 2020

Motorized, versatile, user-friendly feature and safety - These are the traits we can associate with a Portable X-ray machine. With the advancement in technology, the science behind the Dental X-rays have also progressed. More advanced X-ray machines have taken over the dental clinics and facilities all over in the medical industry.

Being an aggregator for medical and dental procurement, ZEPNURhealth offers a wide range of options in the dental x-ray category. As the demand for portable Xrays grows exponentially, here are the Top 5 benefits of Portable X-rays and why every dental facility should opt for these X-rays.


When talking about the Portable X-rays, the first advantage we can automatically narrow down is its Portability and Mobility.

This is what sets the portable x-ray machines apart from the conventional and other forms of X-ray machines, for example, the traditional X-Ray units. Since conventional X-rays could not be moved around, Dentists lost out on patients who want in-home services. Portable X-rays give fast results and beat conventional X-ray machines by providing the facility to move the X-ray as and when required without causing inconvenience to the patient. Even within the clinic, dentists need not move the ill or injured patient to draw out the X-ray image. These machines take up less space and are easy to carry around due to their lightweight. For example, the VATECH EzRay surprisingly measures 1.5kg with no installation required making it easy to carry and conduct the scan.

Source: Today's RDH


Being extremely light and handy, these X-ray machines are super versatile. Their use is not only limited to clinics and indoor facilities.

There are a number of facilities and patients that can be benefitted from these Portable X-rays:

  • Clinics serving in rural areas.

  • Patients who live in rural and remote areas.

  • Senior and elderly people who face difficulty in moving or suffer from immobility

  • On-field military units

  • Teams engaged in sports activity, athletes

  • Water-based medical facilities

  • Veterinary clinics

  • Small clinics

  • Nursing homes

  • Urgent care/first aid centers


The portable x-ray machines are best when it comes to their innate and efficient design. They interact well, are easy-to-use, and are compatible with other technologies. For example, They use high-quality images that can be transferred to any other device say laptop or desktop. The new adaptions of the portable dental x-ray highly cut down the expenses incurred by dark rooms. Portable X-rays are user-friendly and easy to operate.


For a dentist, the safety of their patient is the topmost priority which is not an issue when using the Portable X-rays. These machines are safe to use with minimized radiation. There is a shield that is mounted on the front of the X-ray unit to protect the patient from the radiation. It is very important and crucial to purchase the Portable X-Ray machine from a trusted and reputed brand.

VATECH EzRay Air Portable Dental X-ray


This one comes down to patient care and service. When the patient does not have to rush to a facility just for a 20-minute scan, the time and effort of both the patient and healthcare expert are significantly reduced. For the operator too the work becomes less burdensome. Dentists can now easily filter patients who need proper treatment thus optimizing his/her efforts in delivering medical attention and care.

The best possible outcome out of these highlighted benefits can be seen in enhanced quality of care and chances of saving more lives.

ZEPNURhealth provides some great deals on the best Portable X-Rays available in the market. Contact us for more assistance and help!

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