Press Release- ZEPNURhealth partners with Technecon Healthcare

ZEPNURhealth partners with Technecon Healthcare to expand its Hospital Set-up services portfolio in India

Bangalore, Karnataka, Sept 17th, 2020

ZEPNURhealth has recently partnered with Technecon Healthcare, a Mumbai based Consultancy that has been associated with nearly 100 hospitals and healthcare projects across India and overseas. Technecon Healthcare holds a strong pillar in the New Hospital set-up and other hospital-related services, designing, and planning. Through this collaboration, ZEPNURhealth would be able to expand its product and service portfolio to include Project Feasibility Reports, Architectural design & planning, medical equipment procurement and advise, Human resource planning, SOP’s and procedures, Quality Management, Commissioning, etc.

“ZEPNURhealth until now has typically been involved in assisting hospitals and clinics procure equipment and consumables once their facility has already been set up,says Dr. Nidun Jacob, CEO of ZEPNURhealth. “Through this collaboration with Technecon, we would be able to go one step further, and assist our clients, in India and abroad, make informed decisions that are not only related to procurement, but also in all other aspects of setting up their healthcare facility.”

At present, there is a great need to renovate existing healthcare facilities and install new ones to serve India's growing rural and urban population, a major setback for India is the lack of quality and primary healthcare accessibility to each and all. For this purpose, healthcare facilities must be set up in each state, district, or the local village. As the Healthcare delivery system in India grows to accommodate more public and private hospitals and clinics, high importance lies in ensuring that stakeholders make the right decision every step of the way.

“As healthcare and hospital consultants, Technecon Healthcare advises existing hospitals on process transformation, performance enhancement, and quality standards optimization as well as offers turnkey advisory services in assisting clients to establish hospitals and healthcare facilities. Medical equipment planning and procurement advisory is a major service offering by Technecon Healthcare, and the expertise and experience of ZEPNURhealth in procuring equipment and consumables for hospitals will allow us to provide a more comprehensive solution to our clients.” Says Harsh Chandriani, Director of Technecon Healthcare.

Under this collaboration, both ZEPNURhealth and Technecon healthcare are committed to assisting their customers every step of the way. Whether it’s a new set-up, renovation of an existing facility, or any assistance with operations, we will stand out to help.

About ZEPNURhealth

ZEPNURhealth is a tech platform that assists small to mid-sized medical and dental facilities to efficiently procure and manage their equipment and consumables. By streamlining offline and online efforts, employing a team of trained biomedical engineers, and maintaining strong relationships with industry leaders, ZEPNURhealth can offer a comprehensive tech solution that can help medical facilities curb their expenses and manage their equipment and purchases. Visit

About Technecon Healthcare

Established in 1998, Technecon Healthcare is a Mumbai based consultancy, that has been associated with several hospital projects both within India and abroad. With over two decades of experience as an organization comprising of industry veterans with a combined experience of over ten decades, Technecon healthcare offers a wide spectrum of services towards new and existing hospitals and healthcare facilities that are client-centric, innovative, and of the highest quality, offered with integrity, transparency, and leadership.

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