Refurbished CT scan Machines in India

Refurbished medical instruments feature an inexpensive substitute for new equipment. Many physicians and hospital owners opt for reassembled medical devices for one or many reasons.

A CT scanner is one such medical equipment that can be refurbished in order to be reused by medical practitioners.

This article discusses the different kinds of refurbished CT scanners available in the Indian market. You can choose a suitable one for your medical set up and save on your installation expenses.

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What is a Refurbished CT Scanner?

A CT (Computerized Tomography) scanner refers to a medical device used for scrutinizing the cross-sectional images of the human organs via computers. The key purpose of a CT scan is to recognize any sort of organ malfunctioning in order to cure patients suffering from ailments and diseases.

A refurbished CT scanner denotes medical equipment that has been manufactured by refabricating an already constructed CT scanner instead of building it from scratch.

A refurbished CT scanner has the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective

  • Eco-friendly and prevents electronic and toxic waste while assembled

  • Maintenance of quality and warranty (if purchased from genuine and authentic vendors)

  • Suitable for installation in rural India or hospitals catering to the needs of low-income groups

  • Lower taxes on the procured equipment

Refurbished CT Scanners in India

India offers numerous options for purchasing refurbished CT scanners. Despite most of the refurbished equipment is imported from abroad, India still engenders a decent market for refurbished medical equipment.

ZEPNURhealth is one of the most medical procurement-oriented and potentially driven companies to fulfill your refurbished medical instrument requirements in India. The company offers easy and comfortable solutions for procuring medical and healthcare products (both new and refurbished).

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Some of the popular brands in refurbished CT scanners category are as follows:

Two Slice systems, Single CT scan Machine

  • A high-speed CT scan machine for faster x-rays

  • Useful for CT angiography studies

  • Required up to 50% less dose for its operation

  • Enables the scanning of organs including liver, limbs, and pancreas

1 Slice System, Single CT scan Machine

  • Featured with high-resolution image quality

  • Furnishes excellent CT scanning services for patients

  • User-friendly software interface

  • Mostly preferable for ENT and urology clinics

Single High-Speed CT Scan Machine

  • Enabled with an onboard 24 KW generator

  • Can support up to patients weighing 205 kg (or 450 lbs)

4/18/16 Slice, Light speed CT scan

  • Featured with a high voltage and high-frequency generator

  • Enabled with a remote gantry tilt

  • An in-room start-up the installation

  • Monitors both the front and the back of the gantry

Bright speed ST Scan Machine with 24 KW Generator

  • Scans and scrutinizes crisp and clear images

  • A smartly designed ergonomic machine

  • High-resolution image quality similar to 50- slice CT

  • An automated CT scanning machine with a powerful and sturdy console

  • Featured with Smartprep

  • Enabled with auto-voice and easy protocol settings

  • Comfortable for diagnostic use

Bright speed CT scan Machine with 53 KW Generator

  • Enabled with high frequency and high voltage generator (53 KW)

  • Incorporates a remote gantry tilt

  • In-room automated start settings

  • The scanner has the ability to control and monitor both the front and the back of the gantry

2 Slice system, NXI Dual CT Scan Machine

  • Easy and comfortable to procure and use

  • A wide-bore CT scanner

  • Widely known for excellent caner care CT scans

  • Enabled with multiple ranging clinical applications

  • Facilitates high resolution and crisp imagining in real-time

  • Helps in image building and reconstructions

  • User-friendly interface

  • Featured with multitasking abilities

  • A dedicated operator console

Refurbished CT scanner Prices in India

A refurbished CT scanning machine can range between 1.5 lakh to 8.5 lakh in India. This price range depends upon the vendor’s quote and the refurbished quality of the machine.

Consult different CT scan suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors for the best price and opt for the most suitable and preferable CT scanning machine in India.

Altogether, refurbished medical equipment is a boon to the Indian market especially for hospital owners who cannot afford new machinery. Furthermore, it is also a feasible treatment solution for poor patients who cannot afford expensive medical services.

In short, refurbished medical equipment is an outstanding medium to reduce environmental pollution as its refabrication does not result in electronic and toxic wastage.

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