Refurbished Medical Equipment in India

India as a nation encounters a massive demand for refurbished medical equipment. This is because the majority of the medical service facilitators face a financial dearth to procure new medical equipment for their hospital.

For this reason, many of the hospital owners opt for refurbished medical equipment and aim to cater to the medical needs of the common population. In other words, as an alternative to brand new medical equipment, refurbished equipment incredibly impacts the rural healthcare services and benefits the rural population of India.

This article elucidates the reasons and scope of choosing refurbished medical equipment as a viable substitute for the new. It also disambiguates pertinent doubts related to refurbished instruments and the companies furnishing these services.

What is a Refurbished Medical Equipment?

Refurbished medical equipment refers to the repaired and restored medical devices for reuse by hospitals. Healthcare instrument manufacturers refurbish a particular medical instrument through several processes in order to render it re-applicable for future purposes.

Some of the popular processes via which healthcare technicians refurbish medical devices include:

  • Reconditioning

  • Repairing

  • Installation of new software/hardware in place of the malfunctioned ones

  • Updating and upgrading a medical instrument within manufacturing it from scratch

Refurbished Medical Devices in Demand

Here is some top demanded refurbished medical equipment in India.

  • CT and MRI scanners

  • Ultrasound machines

  • X-ray, C-arm, Mammogram

  • Bone Mineral Densitometer

  • Ventilator

  • Defibrillator

  • Anesthesia workstation

  • Endoscopy devices

Reasons for Using Refurbished Medical Equipment

Hospital owners have multiple reasons to prefer refurbished medical equipment over new ones. Some of the potential reasons behind this constitute:

  • Inexpensive and affordable

  • Increased diagnosis of major medical ailments

  • Feasible means to maintain the hospital budget

  • Benefits the economy (especially the rural masses)

  • Caters to patient satisfaction of low-income groups

  • Resulting in an overall savings of up to 40%

  • Conservation of resources by eliminating waste (both electronic and toxic)

  • Adds value to manufacturing medical equipment recycling process

  • Similar performance potential as the new equipment

  • Lower taxes as compared to nee equipment especially those imported from abroad

  • Availability of warranty over refurbished medical devices

Scope and Opportunities for Refurbished Medical Equipment in India

Refurbished medical devices have a vast scope in the Indian medical industry. In fact, the reassembled medical instruments market estimates an annual CAGR of 8.2% from the year 2012 to 2018, accounting for an overall market of 9 billion dollars.

This prospect of procuring refurbished medical equipment is followed by the United Nations report of reducing toxic and hazardous waste (the fifth largest e-waste generator in the world) during the reassembling process.

For this reason, medical practitioners are suggested to use refurbished equipment for their hospital setups and save their hard-earned money.

Challenges to Refurbished Medical Equipment in India

Apart from its optimal scope, the refurbished medical instruments industry in India faces numerous challenges. Some of the prominent challenges in this industry comprise:

  • Insincere manufacturers and vendors

  • A failed reaction from people who are not used to using for getting serviced from reassembled medical devices

  • Poor quality standards in some cases

  • Damaged reputation in the market

To overcome these challenges, hospital owners must keep certain guidelines in mind. This includes:

  • Placing medical equipment procuring orders with genuine and trustworthy vendors

  • Checking important details about the manufacturing companies, their establishment, business, clientele, etc. before proceeding with quotes

  • Examining safety and warranty conditions on every medical equipment purchase

  • Beware of fake and fraud companies

  • Beware of companies that have had a history of delivering damaged medical instruments. For this, browse through the customer review pages of the company and choose your vendor wisely and accordingly.

Refurbished Medical Equipment Service Providers in India

ZEPNURhealth private limited, Bangalore provides easy and comfortable procurement of refurbished medical equipment. We deliver reconditioned medical devices in different parts of India.

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Altogether, refurbished medical equipment is an excellent substitute for new medical and healthcare devices. Physicians and hospital owners planning to install hospitals in rural areas or for patients in the low-income group bracket can easily procure refurbished medical instruments with us.

Browse through for more details and information on our refurbished medical devices. We wish you good luck with your hospital.



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