Science Behind Dental RVG & How to Buy one Online?

Updated: May 7, 2020

The history of X-rays goes back to the early years of the 18th century. It has been more than 30 years since these Radiographic techniques discovered by Roentgen are being extensively used in Dentistry or the Dental Sciences. Well, Roentgen being an interesting man took the first dental X-ray of himself and exposed himself to the radiation and Voila! Dental X-rays came into the picture.

To date, various developments have been made in the field of Dental Science when it comes to dental X-rays. With many dentists using the conventional X-ray for imaging using the X-ray films, the entire dental community is flipping over the newly launched technology for imaging called RadioVisioGraphy, famously known as RVG.

Accepting the fact, Dental treatments and procedures require more than 90% usage of the Dental X-rays. According to a study, “Over the next five years, the Dental Radiography market will witness a 1.2% hike of compound annual growth in revenue. The global market is aspiring to reach a huge number of US$ 650 Million by 2024 the current status is US$600 million for the year of 2019”.

Owing to this data, we already know how our Dentists use the Dental X-ray for imaging everything from crown to the root. Dental RVG is a huge market for investment.

The debatable question here arise is if Dental RVG is better than X-ray films? What are the benefits of Digital Radiography(RVG)? Our main focus here would be answering all the doubts and address the concerns rounding with dental RVG.

What is RVG?

As the name suggests, RadioVisioGraphy in dental science is the dental imaging technique based on the principle of digital radiography. RVG is a low-dose, rapid imaging system that uses a sensor that is small and is intraoral instead of X-ray films. It is a sensor that is placed inside the mouth on the area which has to be imaged and an X-ray device is placed just outside of it. The latest version is linked to the computer system, unlike the first version. The images can now be stored and can be converted to different formats.

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Benefits of using Dental?

  • Whenever we hear of X-rays we think of all the harmful radiation we are exposed to. The benefit of using an RVG completely minimizes this. The radiation exposure is minimized by 80%. Using RVG dentists can actually ensure the safety of the patient.

  • Time is everything and when you are a doctor, you and your patient time’s most valuable asset. RVG can save your patients waiting time and makes the entire process fast.

  • You can optimize your dentistry process making use of RVG.

  • You can save yourself and your patient from all the unnecessary radiation exposure and you can save the time spent to process the X-ray film.

  • You can even edit your image, increase the contrast enlarge the image and get a clearer picture.

  • Getting updated from analog to digital form of data. No need for sharing the physical copy of X-rays.

How a doctor is benefitted from RVG usage?

  • With having a digital radiograph, the efficiency can be increased and appointment intakes are increasing.

  • The patient can be aid with a better understanding of his medical history.

  • All the records can be stored online and can be accessed with ease at any point in time.

  • Patient attitude towards Dental RVG is very accommodating as they are amazed by the speed of the scans and the results saving their time and giving them a better diagnosis.

  • No need to have a separate space allocated for a Dark Room to generate the films.

These life-changing inventions and developments have given mankind a great advantage. The world has become digital and has shifted from analog to digital. The technology has advanced and the shift from X-ray films to digital radiography,i.e., RVG has happened to benefit the dental community and the dental patients.

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