Technology trends in the Dental industry

Dentistry has witnessed revolutionizing trends for the last few years. These dynamic trends have brought radical transformations in the dental industry rendering them more versatile and potential-oriented than ever before.

Most of the dental experts have welcomed the recent transformations with optimism. Yet, these changes have also created notions of disbelief and confusion for others prior to its cent percent embracement.

This article substantiates the recent trends in dentistry and how these trends pinnacle the initiation of new milestones in oral health. It emphasizes a paradigm shift in the dental world and its impact on active dental practitioners.

Let us have a look at the recent changes in dentistry.

From Offline to Online: A Shift in Procurement

First and foremost, many e-commerce websites and online portals have sprung up for the easy and comfortable procurement of dental equipment and consumables. In fact, dentists positively opt for their products from such online dental stores.

Through these websites, dentists are able to get the best and the most suitable quote as compared to offline vendors. This eventually helps a dental practice budget their expenses and forecast their expenditure cost and capital expenses.

Online dental stores also come with a unique advantage of offering multiple products and brand options to the Doctor, instead of requiring one to personally visit different vendors.

In short, e-commerce dental stores have revolutionized the dental industry. They have made purchasing of dental products and instruments convenient while also reducing the prevalence of dead stock in their clinic.


Co-branding refers to a collaborative marketing strategy which incorporates numerous brands, products and services as a part of a common strategic alliance. The dental industry has successfully practiced co-branding as a part of its functional transformation.

The advent and subsequent rise of dental corporate chains validate this trend. In addition to this, a co-branded dental clinic caters to multiple benefits such as:

Increased brand visibility by collaborating with another organization

Improve the number of visits and active patients.

Reduction of operational costs and thus accelerating the annual revenue.

Improvement in the standardization of practice.

Accelerates the awareness of oral hygiene in both dentists and patients

Besides, co-branding supplements recognition to a dentist in addition to facilitating them with administrative infrastructure. It also supports the dentist to procure the advantages of an impactful franchise in the industry and improves their overall clinical practice.

The 3D Technology

3D scanning and printing is yet another boon to the dental industry. Over the past few years, the new 3D technology has improved the quality and resolution of dental imaging.

This new technology has the ability to generate impeccable and high definition dental anatomical prints which would eventually improve the quality of care you can provide in your dental practice.

Moreover, as opposed to conventional methods, oral scanning, chairside CAD and milling has new and advanced means of performing root canal surgeries and other dental operations with ease.

Despite requiring massive capital investment in the machinery, 3D technology has actually modernized dentistry.


Next, dental insurance features as a pertinent schema in India. Government initiatives such as Ayushman Bharat covering dental insurance are a decent step towards revolutionizing dentistry in the country.

In fact, dental insurance renders dental services more accessible to the population as well as hikes the revenue of a dental firm. Additionally, it features a lucratively rewarding idea in a developing country like India.

This is because it encourages patients to adopt a sensitive perspective towards dentistry. This eventually ushers them to maintain their personal oral hygiene.

However, dental insurance is still at a nascent stage and not many dental procedures carry an insurance cover. Still, the insurance companies are working towards their development in the long run and benefit maximum patients.

Dental Aligners

The optimal use of dental aligners is a new and path-breaking development in dentistry. Dental aligners refer to clear and transparent dental braces. Composed of premium quality plastic, these braces feature as a convenient means of orthodontic treatment for patients.

In fact, many patients prefer using invisible dental aligners instead of conventional metallic based braces. Also, the clinical efficiency of dental aligners stands at par with their metallic counterparts.

Further, dental aligners are classy, flexible, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing for their users.

Social Media

Last but not least; the advent of social media has optimistically impacted the dental industry.

Today, most of the dental practitioners confidently share their credentials and practice on social media platforms.

Additionally, Dentists also share their recent studies and researches on Facebook and Instagram. They create dedicated LinkedIn profiles for patients and other professionals to connect with them.

Besides social media profiles, many dentists indulge themselves in blogging. They regularly post educational and motivational posts for their patients and other dentists.

In a nutshell, the aforementioned recent trends in dentistry have improved dental practice. This has eventually rendered dental practitioners more enthusiastic while dealing with their patients.

Despite a competitive landscape, the industry continues to progress and attract valuable clientele. Also, these transformations have made the dentists more receptive to embracing these changes and upgrading their overall function in the industry.

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