Telangana gets Intel Backed Heath Focus Applied AI Research Centre

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Research is the backbone of a nation as it propels the technological impetus of its functional dynamics. Artificial intelligence has indeed revolutionized India with its groundbreaking inventions and its integration with the medical industry caters to remarkable benefits.

This article substantiates yet another establishment of an AI research center in an Indian state. It outlines its infrastructural setting and how it contributes to technological development per se.

Telangana’s new AI-focused research Centre

A comprehensive partnership between the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), the Government of Telangana, and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H) has launched a new research center in Telangana city.

Based on Intel’s artificial intelligence technology, the research center aims to extend improvised healthcare solutions to the city residents. Since its inception, the research center has attracted immense relevance in the country and expects to escalate India’s future in research and innovation.

The Inauguration

The research center witnessed its inaugural ceremony the Virtual Summit and AI for Youth Symposium, 12 – 16 October 2020.

Honorable State Minister for IT Industries, Shri K.T Rama Rao articulated, “It is imperative for all ecosystem stakeholders to collectively work with asynchronous effort towards realizing our AI vision for enabling better governance and elevating the quality of life for our people.”

Further to this, “Our aspiration is to make AI synonymous with India as we strive to achieve the true potential of AI in critical segments like healthcare, smart mobility, and the future of work by advancing innovation, research, technology, and skilling.

The launch of the Applied AI Research Centre, initiatives to train students on AI readiness skills. 2020 Summit reinforces our commitment towards realizing the exponential impact of AI in an inclusive, collaborative, and responsible manner,” the Minister continued.

Benefits of the AI-Enabled Research Centre

The new research establishment proposes to deliver the following benefits:

  • Advance research in the road safety niche to reduce accidents and fatalities.

  • Extend health coverage to forecast non-communicable diseases.

  • Ensure the vitality of the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Elevating living standards and life quality of the individuals.

  • Enabling smart mobility settlements for AI-based initiative.

  • An optimal population of entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Attracting global talent to Telangana.

  • An entailment to pursue high impact research in the country.

How will this Intel partner AI Research Centre Work?

This novel technological establishment will work towards the creation of national assets. This includes a dynamic computing infrastructure, curated datasheets, and tools and frameworks to attract potential researchers from India and abroad.

Besides, the center will act as a catalyst to the spurring of the Indian economy in relation to technological advancement. This joint effort anticipates integrating multiple bodies in unison.

The relevance of the New AI Research Centre

The new AI research center finds extensive significance in the scientific research community. It is expected to bridge the gap between science and technology and innovate both these disciplines.

Next, it identifies the urgent need of the hour and that is to collaborate with technological institutions and medical bodies with the government. It also welcomes thoughtful consideration of inclusive operations to drive targeted outcomes in the field of science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Other highlights of this venture constitute large-scale skilling, applied research-based policy, with a sincere emphasis on youth skills, mobility, healthcare, and the future of work and employment opportunities.

Moreover, the program also states that it will enable over 10,000 youth to learn AI readiness and skills. This shall gain an immersive experience and make them the key witness of the socio-technological impacts of artificial intelligence in the coming future.

Summing Up

Altogether, this joint collaboration as a part of the recent virtual summit is likely to open new doors for AI-based research and development in the country. The time isn’t too far when India would be recognized for its seminal contribution to medical research solutions in the world.

ZEPNURhealth extends its heartiest congratulations to its multifarious partners. It hopes for its sincere success in the coming years.

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