Thermocoagulation vs Cryotherapy

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

There has been a drastic impact of cervical cancer on women across the world. Nearly 3 lakh women have lost their lives to this disease. The medical world has been continuously working to safeguard women and treat the issue of cervical cancer.

In this regard, medical science has developed two highly successful techniques for recognizing precancerous cells in women’s cervix and killing them before their complete growth.

This article elucidates these two outstanding techniques: Thermocoagulation and Cryotherapy. It substantiates the differences between the two in addition to their features, advantages, and which one of the two is better in curing cervical cancer.

What is Thermocoagulation?

Thermocoagulation refers to the process of discerning precancerous cells in a woman’s cervix. Using medical equipment, thermocoagulator, the surgeon passes heat through around the cervix area to detect the presence of undergrown cancer cells and destroys them with a stroke of predetermined heating.

Image: A typical Thermocoagulator from the brand CureMedical

Also known as thermoablation, it is an economic, user--friendly, and battery enabled procedure. Thermocoagulation has benefitted numerous women by detecting precancerous molecules and thus, preventing their development.

How Does Thermocoagulation Work?

  • A high-frequency current is passed through a woman’s cervix while employing thermocoagulation treatment therapy.

  • This heat ablates the cancer-causing cells and tissues in order to prevent the development of cancer-causing bacterias

  • The physician restricts the current to the target area and impacts over the selected organ without affecting other cells and tissues

  • The process is entirely non-invasive, painless, and an advanced substitute to other cells ablation procedures.

Side-Effects of Thermocoagulation

Despite the fact that thermocoagulation is an extremely safe and result-oriented procedure, it still engenders certain side-effects such as:

  • Bleeding

  • Vaginal discharge

Seek your physician’s guidance in case these side-effects turn severe.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a low temperature based medical technique of detecting precancerous cells in a woman’s cervix. Known by different terminologies such as cryoablation, cold therapy, or cryosurgery, this therapy refers to the employment of extremely low temperatures to obliterate bacterial tissues which may cause cervical cancer in women.

With this method, the physician freezes the affected nerve and by inserting a probe in its surrounding tissue. This further decreases the chances of developing precancerous molecules in the cervix.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

  • The patient is asked to stretch on the operation table and get her cervix scanned by the physician

  • The physician holds a tool named cryoprobe near the woman’s cervix and tests the presence of precancerous tissues inside the organ.

  • The primary function of a cryoprobe is to quickly freeze the precancerous cells

  • The maximum time required to freeze the cells in 5 minutes

Side-Effects of Cryotherapy?

Some of the side-effects of cryotherapy are:

  • Mild cramping

  • Vaginal discomfort

A woman must consult her physician at the earliest in case of the aforementioned side-effects.

Differences Between Thermocoagulation and Cryotherapy

Both of these medical techniques are used to cure cervical cancer in women. However, there are certain observable differences in their applications. According to expert gynecologists and surgeons, thermocoagulation is far better as compared to cryotherapy. This accounts for the overall rate of success and practice of thermocoagulation therapy instead of cryosurgery.

Some of the prominent differences between the two techniques, which makes thermocoagulation is a promising choice among the patients, are as follows:

Altogether, both thermocoagulation and cryotherapy are essential and effective treatments to prevent the chances of cervical cancer in women.

However, as per the differences between the two, thermocoagulation proves to be better than cryotherapy in terms of the different parameters as listed above.

Therefore, women suffering from cervical cancer should opt for thermocoagulation. Prior to this, these women should also consult expert physicians and seek their recommendations.

In a nutshell, cervical cancer can be eradicated from the world through sincere therapies and life-force on the part of both the surgeon and the patient.

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The Thermocoagulator from Cure Medical is a device designed to treat early-stage cervical cancer by treating the pre-cancerous lesion tissue in humans. The design for the Thermocaogulator unit is according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines and recommendations for cervical cancer treatment. The unit uses the Thermocoagulation method that acts as an alternative to Cryotherapy in the direction and treatment of Cervical Cancer.

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