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Updated: May 7, 2020

As per the directives, it is said that the healthcare and home health centers should provide better care with fewer resources which sometimes is completely opposite of one another.

The home health centers are meant to provide the best services and care to patients with various mobility and daily lifestyle challenges. Many times patients are bedridden with some of the other disease or ailment. Them being bedridden increases the risk and chances of Pressure ulcers or commonly known as Bedsores. Pressure ulcers or bedsores slower the process of recovery and hence are painful. It is of utmost importance to provide patient optimum care with available and smart resources so that the add on health issues can be avoided.

Care of Sweden took this into consideration and is now one of the largest suppliers of pressure care mattresses, cushions, and pillows for the healthcare sector. Care of Sweden identified the existing pressure ulcer issue and the underlying risk factors associated with it and developed solutions in the form of Air beds, Foam Mattress, and Medipal Wipes. These are the top home health products from Care of Sweden centering the municipalities, home health centers, private hospitals, and healthcare providers.

ZEPNURhealth has partnered with Care of Sweden and is representing their diverse product range in the Bangalore and Karnataka region. We have enlisted the Top three Homehealth products from Care of Sweden which will not only benefit patients but also offer an expanded product portfolio to home health providers in the country.

Foam Mattress

Care of Sweden introduces the pressure redistribution mattress known as Medifoam DX03. These mattresses play a major role in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and bedsores. These mattresses are combined with clinical assessment and patient management.

Features of foam mattress:

  • Catalyze the recovery process

  • Is durable and withstand challenging healthcare environment

  • Waterproof covers

  • Reduce excessive heat buildup

  • Minimizes the risk of shear and friction


  • Pain relief

  • Avoid neural damage

  • Relief from numbness

  • Quality sleep

  • Best comfort

Air Mattress

The CuroCell range is the functional air mattress overlay system from Care of Sweden. They are used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to different category range depending upon the Mattress type. The CuroCell comes in four different ranges that are ideal for the community and home care and are easy to handle and operate.

The CuroCell Nova:

  • Treats the pressure ulcer up to and including category 2

  • This is an alternating pressure mattress

  • Has CPR function

  • Heeling function

  • Good cleaning properties

  • User-friendly

  • Vapour permeable, soft and elastic

  • Has a zip fastener on three sides for easy handling and operation

The CuroCell Nova CX13:

  • This is a dynamic pressure care mattress overlay system

  • Treats pressure ulcers up to and including category 2

  • It has a transport function

  • The pump is silent and saves energy

  • Easy handling and cleaning

  • Soft and elastic with vapor permeability

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The CuroCell Neo CX13:

  • Easy to handle and operate

  • This is an effective and functional mattress overlay system

  • Prevents and treat pressure ulcers up to and including category 4

  • Sound and light alarm for power failure

  • Sound and light alarm for low pressure

  • Good cleaning property

  • Silent and energy-saving pump

To view the catalog and request a demo, click here

The CuroCell A4 CX16:

  • Intelligent pump and with a user-friendly interface

  • Fully automatic

  • Optimize the pressure automatically

  • Mattresses supplied with a four-way stretch hygiene cover

For purchasing advice and demo, visit here

The CuroCell 4AD:

  • Prevents and treats pressure ulcers up to and including category 4

  • Easy handling and operation

  • Static function with automatic return

  • Digital pump with built-in sensor

For more detailed product description and feature, visit our product page here

Medipal Wipes

These wipes are created with the intent to use it in Home health centers and other medical facilities. Care of Sweden has three different types of Wipes, Medipal Chlorine Wipes, Medipal Patient Wipes, and 3in 1 disinfectant wipes.

Chlorine Wipes:

  • Used as disinfection wipes

  • Provides High level of disinfection

  • Are Ready to use

  • Exhibit Rapid Biocidal action

  • Has Stabilised formulation

  • Are less toxic and less corrosive

  • Easy usage, no need to activate or dilute the wipes

  • Safe to use, safety gears or goggles are not required

  • Widely compatible

Patient Wipes:

  • It has cleansing and moisturizing properties

  • It’s soft and refreshing

  • Contains Vitamin B5 and E

  • It gently cleanses the skin as it offers a pH of 5.5

  • Comes in a resealable and spill-proof packaging

For more details, visit here

3 in 1 disinfectant wipes:

  • These wipes are alcohol-free

  • Intended for cleaning and disinfecting

  • Proven to kill most microbes (bacteria, viruses, and spores)

  • Used for non-invasive medical devices and equipment from healthcare

Visit our website for more details, click here

Pressure ulcers are one of the most common healthcare injuries yet painful. They cause great suffering to the affected ones and slow the process of their recovery. Caring for the people with these ulcers is challenging but with ZEPNURhealth and Care of Sweden, this can be achieved effectively with lower costs and enhanced quality of care.

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