Top 4 Dental Chair Brands in the Market

Updated: May 7, 2020

The importance and significance of an ergonomic dental chair is no more hidden. Every dentist’s must-haves include a dental chair that is both aesthetic and functional. A dental chair is the first thing a patient notices rest all is surrounded around it. Dental Chairs are the protagonist of a fully functional dental clinic.

Abiding by its mission, ZEPNURhealth has listed the Top Dental Chairs which you can buy with the price and quality benefits, easing the process of procurement.

So, let’s begin with the Best Selling range of Dental Chairs.

Gnatus Dental Chair

Gnatus, a giant in the Dental Chair market is a German brand with all its manufacturing units located abroad. They are the industry Best Sellers, offering classic quality Dental Chairs.

Gnatus is the most reliable name in the dental industry with its easy operating dental chairs equipped with modern technology. One of the premium products from Gnatus is Gnatus S-300 that allows up to five working flows. It comes with an easy-to-fix system, without the need for mounting it on the floor.

Gnatus S-300 is a multifunctional dental chair with antiskid edges. It comes with different options for the sputum and tumbler. The Gnatus S-300 has three work positions with an attached connection box. To make your clinic exquisite, the new Gnatus S-300 comes with a wide upholstery and 22 striking color availabilities.

With these on the top features and German finish, Gnatus S-300 is worth the price value. Visit ZEPNURhealth dental category to know more about Gnatus S-300 dental chair.

Confident Dental Chairs

Dental chairs from Confident come in a wide range of dental chairs. Coming with different

price tags and interesting variant names, confident chairs our very popular in the Southern

parts of India owing to their excellent customer service.

The Mookambika Dental Chair comes with a body that is Electrically operated with minimal or zero programming.

It has a rotatable right arm with LED light. The LED light operates by a non-touch sensor and a hanging system. Confident dental chairs are the best buy under this price range. For prices, amazing group deals and more features of Confident Dental Chairs visit the product page, by clicking here.

Chesa Dental Chair

Chesa Dental Care is the leading Indian brand with manufacturing and distributing world-class products in the dental industry. Chesa dental chairs are widely distributed in different categories as Economical which are easy to the pocket, Mid-level dental chairs, and the Premium or High-level dental chairs.

The best selling Dental chairs from Chesa are ONYX and AGNI. This brand is known for its global customer support service, offers soft cushioning in their dental chairs, providing tremendous comfort to the patient.

Onyx Dental chair by Chesa comes with an overhanging delivery system with a sleek design and LED function.

Agni Dental chair by Chesa is yet another popular product with affordable price and warranty. This Chesa dental chair model comes with an OPG viewer and an LED light sensor.

These chairs by Chesa are the best buy within the price range on the ZEPNURhealth platform.

Clinix Dental Chair

Clinix is an Indian brand, that manufactures a wide range of dental chairs. The Clinix Dental chairs are designed to provide comfort, aesthetic value to your clinic, modern treatment to your patients.

Clinix offers customizable dental chairs with commendable after-sales services. Clinix offers chairs that are hydraulic and automatic. Some of the best products from Clinix are Monalisa Plus, New Generatia Plus, Electrica and many more. For complete product specifications, and new group purchasing deals refer to our Dental Chair category.

If you are a smart buyer, do not miss the article on Tips to Buy Dental Chairs Online”.

For more details on product specifications and portfolio, visit our website and get assistance from our experts on purchasing the best dental chair for your clinic.

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