Types of Dental Lasers

Dental laser therapy has revolutionized painless dentistry endeavors in the world. Today, most of the hospitals and private dental clinics employ target laser beams for diagnosing and treating oral anatomical problems.

Furthermore, there are mainly varieties of dental laser machines:

  • All-tissue laser machines

  • Soft-tissue laser machines (primarily for gum and soft dental regions)

This article discusses the different types of dental lasers equipment used in medical facilities.

Dentists can procure suitable and customized instruments for their dental setups and maximize their professional practice.

Here are some of the pertinent kind of dental laser equipment in India.

Biolase Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser

This laser equipment engenders an advanced delivery of dental diagnosis.

  • It examines the complete oral anatomy and assists in repairing the malfunctioning or damaged tooth parts.

  • The equipment is enabled with a power system of around 10W.

  • Its user-friendly interface with multiple navigation options allows a dentist to perform convenient and seamless dental evaluations.

  • It furnishes top-level comfort to patients in distress.

  • The product has a delivery rate of 100 pulses per second.

  • A patented laser technology preferable for your dental facility.

  • It supports multi-quadrant same-day assessment and procedures for an orthodontic surgeon.

  • It is extremely useful in emergency situations with its improvised iPlus integrations.

  • The machine enhances dental productivity and invents new and fresh procedures for dealing with orthodontic issues.

Biolase Waterlase MDX All-Tissue Laser

This features as one of the most popular and bestselling laser equipment.

  • Its minimum invasion technique renders dental practice quite comfortable and noteworthy.

  • Manufacturers integrate this device with a user-friendly interface for easy browsing.

  • It supports up to 9W of energy for operation.

  • The machine furnishes outstanding support for challenging dental cases.

  • Its appropriate use reduces bleeding of dental structures while the orthodontist performs a laser therapy.

  • Its narrow dental ray has the ability to reach minute dental tissues and relieve the patient from orthodontic problems.

  • It is highly efficient as opposed to the penetration of painful needles and syringes.

  • Composed of titanium fiber, the laser equipment employs a sharp beam of radiation to discern the damaged dental tissues.

  • It comprises 2 charging slots for giving a power efficiency of 10W and pulse energy of 600mj.

  • It also delivers a pulse rate ranging within 5-100 Hz and a wavelength of 2780 nm.

Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo All-Tissue Laser

It features a distinctive coupling of the YSSG laser technique and water spray dynamics to deliver a cutting-edge laser examination and treatment.

  • Dentists employ it to perform near to non-invasive MO/DO cavity preps within 30-60 seconds.

  • They find applications in the cutting of osseous tissues in addition to soft dental tissues, thus causing less pain and anxiety to the patient.

  • Its waterbase MD turbo mechanics are suitable for multidisciplinary dental evaluations with tremendous ease and convenience.

  • The machine is entirely flexible delivering amazing operational dynamics and with loads of added benefits.

  • It is mainly suitable for hardcore tissues, endodontic surgeries, root canal treatments, bone surgical procedures, etc.

  • Comprising to rotatable and flexible (at an angle of 360 degrees) handpieces add versatility to this laser equipment.

  • Its operational fundamentals of this device comprise a wavelength of 2780 nm, pulse energy of 300mj, 10-15 HZ of pulse repetition rate, and supplies a power of 8W.

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In addition to the above, there are specially designed soft tissue laser equipment available in Indian markets.

Some of the popular soft tissue laser machines are as follows:

  • Doctor Smile Wiser Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Pioon H1-3 Wave-Length Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Biolase EPIC X Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Doctor Smile Simpler Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Indilase Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Pioon S1 Blue Soft-Tissue Laser


  • Biolase iLASE Soft-Tissue Laser


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Altogether, dental lasers are a boon to the field of dentistry. Their desensitization and decontamination procedures assist dentists to comfortably diagnose dental issues and seek their timely cure.

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