Upcoming Healthcare Events in India 2020-2021

India engages in the time-to-time organization of healthcare events. These organizations gather the top global talent and hold discussions on the recent developments in the medical industry.

Healthcare events such as conferences, seminars, round-tables, award ceremonies, etc. familiarize doctors and medical experts with ongoing trends of this growing sector.

The article substantiates the upcoming healthcare events in India 2020-2021. It outlines the academic and industrial relevance of these events and how such events represent India on the international front.

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Advanced COVID-19 Course for Healthcare and Medical Professionals

Place: Whitefield, Bangalore

Duration: 27 August 2020- 11 September 2020

  • This event discusses the rapid and extensive spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • It ponders upon this medical urgency in the form of theoretical and applicatory medical training to healthcare professionals.

  • The events aim to examine the various control practices which may suit the medical organizations in the epidemic scenario.

  • It especially focuses on advanced patient care and occupational safety to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/advanced-covid19-course-health-or-medical-professionals for more details.

World Dental Show 2020

Place: Bandra East, Mumbai

Duration: 16 October 2020- 18 October 2020

  • The Indian Dental Association has scheduled the 20th World Dental Show in Mumbai.

  • It features as one of the largest dental events across Asia.

  • The key purpose of the annual meet is to showcase varied business practices in dentistry under a single roof.

  • The exhibitors present their innovative dental equipment and transforming trends to both newbie and professional experts.

  • It also facilitates hands-on workshops and training to the participants.

  • Most of the businesses pertaining to dental equipment and laboratory apparatuses are expected to participate in this dental show.

  • Overall, the event gathers around 303 dental institutes, more than 200dental equipment manufacturers, 9 specialty dental associations, and more than 300 dental laboratory participants.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/world-dental-show-2020-012002 for more information.

National School Health Summit 2020

Place: Surajkund, Delhi

Duration: 20 November 2020- 21 November 2020

  • This is an outstanding and distinctive platform to recognize and celebrate school health.

  • The summit attracts personnel from different fields such as medicine, education, healthcare, and innovation across the country.

  • Organized by School Health Annual Report Program (www.schoolindia.org), this event also hosts school health awards honor its dedicated contributors.

  • Most medical researchers, school principals, government and private hospital and medical institution representatives, etc. attend this event.

  • The event generally discusses the topics of school healthcare and medical facilities, menstrual health and hygiene, meal planning, the mental health of school students, etc.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/national-school-health-summit-2020-142111 for more details about this event.

Zconference 2020: India’s first Medical Summit and Tradeshow

Place: Goa

Duration: 20 November 2020- 22 November 2020

  • This event aims to elucidate on the advances of medical education in India.

  • It brings together medical tradesmen and laboratory specialists in this unique tradeshow and exhibition.

  • The key conference highlights include interactive live sessions among medical aspirants, mega exhibition opportunities, CME workshops, corporate roundtables, expert sessions, etc.

  • The show also offers incredible discounts and start-up benefits to its participants.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/zconference-2020-indias-1st-multimedical-summit-tradeshow-313043 for more information about this event.

2-Days Hands-on Workshop on Drug Discovery and Molecular Simulation

Place: Jayanagar, Bangalore

Duration: 16 October 2020-17 October 2020-09-04

  • This workshop cum training event furnishes core learning on bioinformatics, molecular biology, and genetic engineering.

  • It facilitates an advanced teaching and learning system with the use of the latest technologies.

  • The event emphasizes the application of the aforementioned biology concepts in drug discovery.

  • You can register for this intensive learning-oriented workshop at www.edgenebiomed.com.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/ddms-blr for further details.

4th International Society of Gene and Cell Therapy

Place: Bangalore

Duration: 28 November 2020- 29 November 2020

  • Organized by Dr. Agarwal hospitals, the event comprises informative lectures, panel discussions, and expert interactions for the delegates.

  • It brings together collaborative scientists, lab technicians, regulatory authorities, and advanced technological showcasing.

  • The event invites various stakeholders to participate in this discursive medical exhibition and increase the brand value of their company.

  • Participants can come up with their individual and collective stalls and present their work at this platform.

  • Log in to https://www.townscript.com/e/4th-international-society-of-gene-cell-therapy-424330 for more information on this event.

India Health Exhibition

Place: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Duration: 9 September 2020-11 September 2020

  • Organized by Informa Markets, this digital healthcare event salutes the committed contribution of medical workers in the country against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The event enables deep learning solutions, business interactions, and collaborations with multiple healthcare specialists.

  • It invites more than 300 international and local exhibitors, 4000 plus healthcare and trades professional delegates, and 3 scheduled conferences on board.

  • Medical practitioners, healthcare equipment distributors, purchasing and procurement companies, and government representatives come together to participate in this vibrant venture.

  • Log in to https://www.indiahealth-exhibition.com/en/home.html for more information about the event.

Arab Health

Place: Dubai World Trade Center (now Digital)

Duration: 1 February 2020- 4 February 2021

  • Arab Health is a unique and dynamic international healthcare event.

  • It is expected to grace the presence of numerous healthcare experts, industrial professionals, innovative and technological solutions in the health care industry, etc.

  • The event has been setting remarkable trends in the healthcare firm for the last 45 years.

  • It attracts delegates from 66 countries, 5350+ delegates, 4250+ exhibiting companies, and 106900+ visitors.

  • Arab Health offers free entry to this show.

  • Log in to https://www.arabhealthonline.com/en/overview/show-information.html for more details.

Medlab Asia

Place: Virtual Event

Duration: 20 October 2020 – 22 October 2020

  • Informa Markets is going to organize a virtual healthcare event.

  • This event offers exciting networking opportunities for healthcare professionals and medical practitioners, laboratory communities, etc.

  • This will be the largest virtual medical tradeshow in the AEEAN region.

  • Delegates can participate in this grand exhibition, generate business leads, and showcase their premium quality products.

  • They can also engage in conversation with potential clients in real-time.

  • Log in to https://www.medlabasia.com/en/home.html for more details about this healthcare event.

Medicall Virtual Expo

Place: Virtual Event

Duration: 4 September 2020 – 5 September 2020

  • It is India’s largest virtual medical exhibition.

  • This 2nd edition of the event facilitates healthcare and remote monitoring solutions for all.

  • The event is expected to gather 750+ exhibiting companies, 17500+ healthcare professionals and trade personnel, 20+ countries, and 6 scheduled seminars.

  • It is specifically designed as a B2B medical show for medical practitioners, procurement companies, hospital owners, collaborating partners, etc.

  • The event also incorporates exclusive highlights such as brainstorming panel discussions and roundtables and innovation awards.

  • Log in to https://www.medicall.in/ to know more about this event.

Medical Fair India

Place: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Duration: 25 February 2021- 27 February 2021

  • This is a high ranking trade fair cum exhibition for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers.

  • It invites potential business, panel discussions, and conferences among medical intellectuals from different parts of the world.

  • It explores the various and recent trending innovations in the healthcare industry and their applicability in the field of medicine.

  • The event targets hospitals, doctors, medical equipment manufacturers and distributors, lab technicians, academicians, and researches from universities and institutes as its likely participants.

  • Browse through https://www.medicalfair-india.com/ to know more about this event.

India Med Expo

Place: Virtual Event

Duration: 17 September 2020- 20 September 2020

  • India Med Expo is a virtual event for exhibiting hospital equipment, surgical appliances, disinfectants, and healthcare consumables.

  • It attracts potential medical firms, procurement companies, medical traders and vendors, healthcare organizational representatives at a single platform.

  • Many branded and super-specialty hospitals will participate in this medical expo.

  • You can book your virtual stall by logging into https://www.indiamedexpo.com/

ADITI Dental

Place: New Delhi

Duration: 25 December- 27 December 2020

  • Association of Dental Industry and Trade of India is going to organize a grand medical expo at Pragati Maidan in 2020.

  • This international medical exhibition attracts multiple medical, healthcare participants, and manufacturing representatives.

  • It expects more than 100 medical service booths, 25000+ delegates, committed halls to medical, dental, and super-specialty services, etc.

  • Log in to https://www.aditidental.co.in/expodent-international-delhi.html for more information regarding this event.

Other Healthcare Events

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Altogether, this article delineates the forthcoming healthcare events in India. It outlines multiple events that will take place in different parts of the country.

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