What can you gain by visiting ZEPNURhealth at the upcoming virtual event -“CII Hospital Tech 2020”

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Let’s go virtual!

The Healthcare industry in India has witnessed a changing scenario in the past few decades. This optimal transformation in the procurement and delivery of healthcare services has upgraded its institutionalization in the country.

The credit of the accelerated envisioning goes to the integration of digital and information technology in the healthcare sector. This is because the digital system assists a medical facility in equipping itself with the essential knowledge and potential-driven outputs while revolutionizing the evolving credentials of a medical setup.

Adopting digital solutions is the need of the hour to overcome and cope with current global challenges. In order to enable the Industry to function in a safe and sustainable manner, the Confederation of Indian Industry has organized a virtual event for the healthcare industry.

Event Details:

Why register for CII Hospital Tech 2020?

  • A focused Virtual Trade Fair which will enable visitors and exhibitors to network and interact with the leaders of the healthcare industry from all over the world on a real-time basis.

  • The Virtual trade fair shall be a great medium to witness new product launches.

  • A high Powered Interactive Digital Conference will provide a valid forum to deliberate on critical sectoral aspects with an opportunity to network with the industry experts.

  • An opportunity to establish robust partnerships with industry leaders.

  • Harness all the benefits of the physical trade fair at substantially reduced cost and at your own comfort.

  • Interact with world-class healthcare manufacturers, distributors, healthcare facilities among others; Beckman Coulter, Samsung, Philips, Abbott, Hiranandani Hospital, Getinge, Fuji Films, Medtronics, Mylan, Pfizer, Roche & Sanofi, etc.

By registering for the event, you can visit ZEPNURhealth virtual stall and chat with our Biomedical and Hospital setup team in real-time!

Why visit ZEPNURhealth at CII Hospital Tech 2020?

  • Speak to our team to understand the scope and deliverables for a new hospital setup or renovation

  • Get personalized assistance from our Biomedical team on the medical equipment brands and products to consider for your healthcare facility

  • Learn about the latest innovations in cancer treatment, Patient monitoring, Assistive technologies, and Refurbished equipment

  • Sign up for our active Deals to get the best equipment at unbeatable prices.

With more than 2500+ products to choose from and an excellent team to assist you in purchasing the right equipment, it’s always good to have a friendly name in the mass!

Visit the ZEPNURhealth virtual booth. We are thrilled to be a part of this conglomerate.

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