What you can gain by visiting ZEPNURhealth at the upcoming MEDICALL EXPO 2019

Buying the right equipment at the right price for their clinic is a hassle for any medical professional in todays world. It is a time consuming process that involves back to back enquiries with multiple manufacturers only to find the price out of your procurement budget. With India being a strong leader in the medical equipment industry, the vast availability of options to choose from for any product offered in the market might confuse an individual trying to procure an equipment for their clinic.

This is where ZEPNURhealth comes into action by being a platform designed solely for simplifying your procurement needs. With more than 2500+ products to choose from and an excellent team to assist you in purchasing the right equipment, we make sure that every customer leaves with a smile.

To make things more interesting, ZEPNURhealth is participating at the Medical Chennai Expo 2019!

Where? - Stall A10, Hall 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Ramapuram, Chennai

When? - July 26th, 27th and 28th, 2019

Why you should visit us:

For Doctors, Medical professionals, Healthcare Facility owners:

Speak to our team to understand how ZEPNURhealth can assist with your procurement!

With the best team to assist you with your procurement, you have nothing to worry about. Getting confused going through numerous manufactures for an equipment you always wanted to buy? Could not compare prices? ZEPNURhealth takes that burden for you. Our friendly technical team would assist you from the start to finish to serve you the best. Visit us at Medicall Expo to understand more about our team and on how we operate to make your lives simpler and better.

Setup a ZEPNURhealth profile for FREE!

With medical equipments sourced from domestic and international markets, we stand as a strong platform with over 2500+ products to choose from. We consider this as a premium service tailored specially for medical professionals and doctors but you can now setup a ZEPNURhealth profile for FREE to browse at your own convenience. Need help for registering? Our team is always at your service.

Browse at your pace and place enquiries with the click of a button

With no tricky sign up procedures or unnecessary blockages in your path when it comes to enquiring for a product, ZEPNURhealth is a platform designed to stay true to its industry - being professional and straight-forward. With a click of a button, our team would contact you in the fastest and most convenient approach there is, understand your procurement needs in a blink of an eye and get back to you within 2 working days with the right product at the right price. Want to save more costs? Let us talk about group purchasing.

Sign up for our active Group Deals to get the best equipment at unbeatable prices

Another interesting initiative to save you procurement costs is the group purchasing initiative introduced by ZEPNURhealth. In a nutshell, we help you get the equipment you are looking for at unbeatable prices by grouping medical professionals with the same procurement needs together. With more people comes a better price. With a twist of course, you could now receive more benefits other than our eye-catching price tag upon referring other individuals of interest to us. Visit our platform and sign up for our active Group Deals before they expire!

For Manufacturers and Distributors:

Being India’s first online aggregator platform that specializes in group purchasing initiative, we could benefit your brand in numerous ways. Are you distributor trying to find more channels to market your products? Think no more and visit our stall at Medicall Expo 2019 to discuss representation of your product range on the ZEPNURhealth platform. Furthermore, every opportunity leads to an action, and ZEPNURhealth is open to talk for collaborations that will help us serve the industry better for the greater good.

Visit us at Stall A10 in Hall 3 to find out more!

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