ZEPNURhealth participated at CAHOTECH 2019, with their US vendor 4-Tower

Updated: May 7, 2020

ZEPNURhealth and their US vendor 4-Tower recently participated in the 4th edition of CAHOTECH, held at IIT Madras, Chennai on the 27th of September and 28th of September. CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations Technology), is a national healthcare conference that focuses on the role of Technology and Quality Assurance as key cornerstones for innovation in the Indian healthcare sector. ZEPNURhealth was joined by Mr. William Krell from team 4Tower to support the event.

About ZEPNURhealth

ZEPNURhealth is an online platform that acts as an aggregator for different and all kinds of medical equipment and consumables. The procurement market in India is unevenly spread without transparency in buying the products and knowledge of quality. Medical professionals often face this difficulty and end up spending mammoth amounts of capital for procurement with the involvement of middlemen. ZEPNURhealth intends to change the way hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic facilities, manage their procurement. ZEPNURhealth channelizes this network and help the medical professionals in easy procurement.

About 4-Tower

Four-Tower is a product sourcing and planning platform that enhances integrated design

and the BIM environment. It is a customizable software platform that includes an equipment

planning and purchasing platform, product catalog, capital budgeting tool, requisition tool and other supporting tools. The platform and its in-built products can be used by multiple

stakeholders (Hospital Planners, Architects, Contractors, etc) to assist in the planning,

building, and procurement for the hospital.

ZEPNUR has partnered with 4Tower to bring innovative software to the Indian and South Asian markets.

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